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Smart Classroom Is an Improved Version of Online Education System

Updated September 12, 2022

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Smart Classroom Is an Improved Version of Online Education System essay

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The camera is mounted on a motor which rotates it in the direction of the teacher. The rotation is done by detecting direction of arrival information of the teacher using the microphone array. Pakistan is a developing country, having a lot of universities of different nature, but still almost 50% of the cities of Pakistan are deprived of good educational institutes.

Students living in backward areas have to move to big cities for sake of education, which increases the cost of education. Due to backward mindedness and illiteracy of some people in Pakistan, they forbid their daughters to get education just because they have to send them outside of the house. Women make almost 48.7% of the population of Pakistan and if they are deprived of education just because of home restrictions, how can Pakistan become successful? So, the main motive behind making this project is spreading easily accessible education which is low cost and can be done efficiently living far off from the educational institutes. Scope, Introduction and background of the Project Scope of the project: In modern times quality education is necessary for competitive environment.

Technology has affected human life in many aspects as well as in education system. Smart classroom is a method of modernized education system which provides quality opportunities to students. This is a solution for those students who want to learn but cannot afford university fee. Some students, who live in far off places and want to learn through proper lectures, and can ask questions through smart classrooms. If a student could not attend the lecture for some reason he/she can also take lecture sitting anywhere with an internet access. This project can help students to learn smartly.

Introduction: Recent technological developments have excited vital changes within the distance learning landscape, which means that students have bigger selections and adaptability in however, when, and wherever they learn. This study explores students’ experience of the foremost recent additions to the toolset of online educators the synchronous virtual classroom and identifies areas where educators ought to listen to make sure their students gain most advantage from its use. The smart class room is a solution for people who cannot get admission in any particular university or college. It also provides ease to people who cannot come to universities as they are living in far off places.

An online education system will provide an excellent solution to all these problems by providing video of the lecture online through internet. Literature Review: Smart Classroom promotes online education. Many educational institutes have developed platforms to provide online courses to people so that they can get benefit from them while sitting at home. A platform named Tuubi is dedicated for the students to keep them connected with the administration and teachers.

It is a platform with many functions. It provides facility to the students to get the information about the current news about the events in university. It also provides function of managing of courses at the same time. 1 Moodle is a platform developed for the sake of learning which is made to provide administrators, educators and the learners a well equipped integrated, secure and robust system for the creation of personalized environments for learning 2.

Similarly an organization was founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard University is the EdX. EdX was set for the promotion of online education. These universities have an aim of promoting a learning which is campus-based and also dor creation of a community which is global and is online through thiss TdX. 5 Using this EdX, these two universities have a plan of studying the present trands in the electronic education as they are of the view that online education will be the learning procedure for the future.

The main mission of EdX organization is to increase the quality of education, make it easily accessible to all and everywhere, enhancing the learning and teaching online and also on the campus, advance learning and teaching via research 3. KNORK is a project supported by European Commission. It was made by a special aim which is basically the promotion of the knowledge and work practices through the use of digital devices. In the KNORK, the members of the project test and develop the methods of pedagogy, different digital equipment and also the models for training teachers for improvement of practices and competencies in the education.

These experiments are carried out in Sweden, Italy, Finland and Bulgaria. The Metropolia UAS, Helsingin Medialukio (Finland) and University of Helsinki are the members that will be taking part in this  International University Of California University of California – Berkeley UC Berkeley offers free online videos of their courses dating back to 2005. The classes, both current and archived, are available as podcasts and video webcasts.

Courses cover a range of subjects including astronomy, computer science, engineering, law and philosophy. The courses on the site don’t generally include homework assignments or exams. Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) MIT OCW offers more than 2,000 free undergrad and graduate courses from dozens of subject areas, including biological engineering, economics, health sciences, media arts and management. These non-credit courses are available in text, audio and video formats and some are translated into other languages. Students may have access to lecture notes, assignments and exams, and many of the course materials can be downloaded Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University offers non-credit courses and materials through its free courseware program, the Open Learning Initiative.

Self-paced courses involve lessons and self-assessments in subject offerings that include statistics, biology, chemistry, French and English. In Pakistan Knowledge in Preparatory School Kips has its own mobile application through which students enrolled there, can login and see videos of lectures on any topic and can assess themselves through tests. Virtual University Virtual University is a leading university in Pakistan that offers online courses. It was founded in 2002. The main campus of the university is in Lahore and there are other campuses all over Pakistan.

For the first time, the Virtual University introduced online computer technology courses. Future School Future School is another online educational platform that offers e-education to students all over Pakistan. Teachers can use the material offered at Future School to help educate their students while students can attend the online learning classes and have access to the lesson offered. Challenges: We faced following challenges while developing our project.

Most areas of Pakistan are underdeveloped and people there cannot afford buying any kind of smart devices. Such people will not utilize such an opportunity of online education because they do not know the value of education. Another challenge that we had to face was the hardware availability. Most of the hardware that we used had to be ordered online which increases cost of the project. The major challenge is the limitation of time.

As we have to complete the project and deliver its milestones at specific times. Motivation and Need: The urge and demand to gain education is continuously growing in industrial as well as academic scenarios. As time is passing by, the number of students is growing tremendously, which increases the pressure of reducing the overall cost of education. Pakistan is a developing country, having a total of 163 universities of different nature, but still almost 50% of the cities of Pakistan are deprived of good educational institutes.

Students living in backward areas have to move to big cities for sake of education, which increases the cost of education. Due to backward mindedness and illiteracy of some people in Pakistan, they forbid their daughters to get education just because they have to send them outside of the house. Women make almost 48.7% of the population of Pakistan and if they are deprived of education just because of home restrictions, how can Pakistan become successful? So, the main motive behind making this project is spreading easily accessible education which is low cost and can be done efficiently living far off from the educational institutes. Objectives of the Project Financial The financial objectives of our project being the developer is to get most profit from it using low cost devices. The educational institute who buys it will also get profit by it as it will upgrade the quality of that educational institute and will increase number of students, which eventually increases the profit for that school, college or university. Quality The objective of our project related to quality are the following: assurance of video with good resolution audio with no or less noise perfect synchronization of audio and video Technical As Pakistan is a developing country, it is progressing in every field and is advancing the gadgets.

Still our classrooms appear to be same like those were many year ago. Technical objective of our project is the betterment of the standard of our classrooms. Also that the online lectures are widely available on almost every topic but out project upgrades the quality of the video and audio of the lecture given by the teacher. Business The business objective being considered the most important objective is that this product will be less costly for the production team but has a great effect in improving a university’s standards and thus most of the schools; colleges and universities would buy such a product to make their classrooms better than other institutes.

This will attract more students to the university that has such a smarter classroom. This makes an effective impact on the educational institutes to buy the product even with a high cost. Academic The academic objectives related to the project are the following: Promoting easily accessible education to students One would learn developing web application One would learn using the signal processing algorithms One would also learn working with the embedded systems Development Approach Development Methodology: We use Agile development methodologies for development of the software. There are many sorts of methodologies to settle on from out of that we have chosen to adopt this. ‘Scrum’ is often viewed as a framework, instead of a strategy, for managing a method. Within the world of Agile development, scrum, rather than providing complete complicated details of a system and regarding however everything is to be worn out the event  method and within the project, works modularly and leaves it up to the event section to require things up. Beginning depends on a self-organizing, cross-functional team which implies that there’s no explicit team structure each one and everybody works along in every section of the project. Scrum methodology advocates for a coming up with meeting at the beginning,  wherever team members figure what number things they’ll arrange to then an inventory of tasks to perform is created. Throughout associate degree agile beginning sprint, the team takes a tiny low set of options from coded and tested practicality.

We meet every day and complete task of that day and then we decide the task for next day. Project team: Our project team consists of the following people. Dr. Tania Habib (Supervisor) Dr. Irfan Ullah Chaudhary (Co-Advisor) Aiman Muzaffar (Team Member) Fizzah Latif (Team Member) Usama Javed (Team Member) Team Structure: We are using scrum agile methodology. The scrum master for our group is our supervisor Dr.

Tania Habib. There is no leader in our group, we all work equally together on everything related to project. Project activities: Analysis of components The analysis of components require a lot of research of the components available and those which are to be ordered online for using in the project. Gathering of data The basic thing of the project is to do research on how such products are developed these days and was developed previously if any. Analysis of the need or use of project Questionnaires were made and asked by people through google forms and sent to concerned people like students and teachers. Design of hardware Hardware design is also a tedious work to do.

The prototype of the project will be made on software first and then implemented. Developing the circuit and software The circuit will be deigned and patched. A website will also be made accordingly for this purpose. Key Milestones and Deliverables: Feasibility report A feasibility study is a process that defines exactly what a project is and what strategic issues need to be considered to assess its feasibility, or likelihood of succeeding.

Analysis report Trend analysis is the widespread practice of collecting information and attempting to spot a pattern. In some fields of study, the term “trend analysis” has more formally defined meanings..Proposal for the project A research proposal is a document proposing a research project, generally in the sciences or academia, and generally constitutes a request for sponsorship of that research. Proposals are evaluated on the cost and potential impact of the proposed research, and on the soundness of the proposed plan for carrying it out. SRS(software Requirement Specification) A software requirements specification (SRS) is a description of a software system to be developed.

Software requirements specification establishes the basis for an agreement between customers and contractors or suppliers on how the software product should function (in a market-driven project, these roles may be played by the marketing and development divisions). Wirefram A website wireframe, also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint, is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website.1:166 Wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose. The purpose is usually being informed by a business objective and a creative idea.  Completing hardware part of project The major part of our project is based on hardware so it will also be developed by us which will consist of a microcontroller controlled camera which moves in the direction of teacher and taking the audio of the lecture through microphones. Web Application Web application will also be developed for giving it to the school, college or university.

Total project will be made by proper integration of hardware and software. Benefits of the project Direct Customers / Beneficiaries of the Project: Students Students are directly related to the project because it is for their feasibility as online education is being promoted through this project. Teachers The camera used in this project will cover the area in which teacher moves. This video will then be broadcasted to internet which can be watched by students as well as monitored by the principal.

Principal The principal can monitor the lecture of the teacher for refining the teaching quality of his/her institution. Out Team As we are working on the project we are directly related to the project through cost. Educational Institutes As it promotes online education so it may effect instituions. Outputs Expected from the Project: We expect that out project will bring betterment in the educational institutes and will make classrooms of schools, colleges and universities smarter.

It will also help people for online education. Risk Analysis Risks of the Project:

  • Cost Management Cost forecasts might be inaccurate which might result in more loss than profit. When costs are incurred in foreign currencies exchange rates can have a dramatic impact to the cost of the project.
  • Change Management A large number of change requests dramatically raises the complexity of the project and distracts key resources. Large numbers of high priority change requests may lead to the perception that the project has failed. When the schedule and budget are continually extended stakeholders may feel the project missed its original targets.
  • Resource Risk a. Resources which are negative towards the project may actively or passively sabotage project efforts. Resource turnover may lead to delays and cost overrun.
  •  Architectural Risk
  1. The architecture of the project might not be fit for the project or it might not be flexible for changes.
  2. The architecture might not be feasible so that it is impossible to implement, excessively costly or might not support all the project requirements to that extent.
  •  Technical risk
  1. One of the risks is that the technology components might not be fit for the purpose and this is realized later when there is less time to be making changes to the project.
  2. Non-standard components that violate best practices are the major technical risk that we might encounter during the project implementation.
  •  Integration risk The risk is that the product components might fail to integrate with each other.

This is the major risk which might result in the failure of the project because if all our hardware components work separately but when integrated don’t work effectively then this will turn out to be destructive.

Smart Classroom Is an Improved Version of Online Education System essay

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