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George Clymer Is a Founding Father of the United States

Updated September 21, 2022

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George Clymer Is a Founding Father of the United States essay

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George Clymer was born in Philedelphia in 1739. His father was from a respectable family of bristol, in England and after his emigration to america became married to a lady from Philedelphia. Clymer was left by his parents in an orphanage at the young age of seven.

He was then taken care of by his maternal uncle William Coleman, a gentelman who was respected by everyone in Phildelphia The education of Clymer was directed by his uncle. He was the perfect man for the job. Coleman had a great mind and early instilled in his nephew the love of reading. After the completion of his education Clymer entered the counting room of his uncle. His genius however, was little adapted to mercantille employments, being more inclined toliteary and and scientific pursuits. At the age of twenty seven,he was married ,as has already been noticed, to a daughter of meredith, a gentlemen of a good mind as his things will show.

Mr washington had been noticing clymer for a while. He was very interested in clymer and thought he could do a good job. Little did he know was that Clymer would be a perfect fit in any situation. Mr Clymer has said to be a republican by nature.

He was also a firm and devoted patriot. His feelings were strongly enlisted in him againstthe acts of the british government. He early accepteda captains commission in a company of voulnteers,raised for the defense of the province, and manfully opposed. A committee appointed, of which Clymer was chairman, to wait upon the cosignees, to request the not to sell. In 1775, Clymer was chosen as a member of the council of safety,and one of the first treasurers.

The next year he was elected a member of the continental congress. In september, Clymer was appointed to visit Ticonderoga, in conjuction with Mr. Stocton, to inspect the affairs of the northern army. Clymer was not all that crazy about this idea.

However he wenta long with it and did a very good job. In 1777, clymer was again a member of congress. His duites during this session were ardous, and owing to his unremetting exertions, he was obliged to retire for a season for the recovery of his health. In the year 1796 clymer was appointed, together with Colonial Hawkins and Pickens, to negotiate a treaty with the cherokee and creek indians, in Georgia. With this in mind he sailed from Philly to Savannah, accompanied by his wife. There trip was not only unpleasant but dangerous.

There was a big storm that took everyone working together just to stay alive. Having satisfacory complting he again returned to philedelphia. At this time he closed his political life, and retired to the enjoyment of that rest that he coveted dearly, after serving his country for more than twenty years. Years earlier Clymer was elected to congress.

That was in 1780. From which that time for nearly two years he was absent from his seat, but a few weeks, so fathfully attentive to the public service. In the latter part of 1782, he removed with his family to princeton, to give his kids a good colegiate education. In 1784 Mr.

Clymer was again summoned by the citizens of Pennsylvania, to take part in the general assembly of state. Of this body he continued a member, until the meeting of the convention to form a more efficent constitution for the general government; of which latter body he was elected a member, and after the adoption of the constitution, he represented the state of Pensylvania, in congress for two years; when declining re-election, he closed his long and able legislative carrear. At a subsequat date, he was called to preside over the Philedelphia bank, and over the Academy of fine arts, and was elected vice president of the Philidelphia Agriculural Society, upon its reorganization, in 1805. These offices he held at the time of his death, whic occured on the 23rd of January,1813, the 74th year of his age. George Clymer was not only a great politican but a great father and man as well.

George Clymer Is a Founding Father of the United States essay

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