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Good governance is the heart of democracy

Updated January 17, 2019

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Good governance is the heart of democracy essay

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Good governance is the heart of democracy. It has also become a significant pillar in the consideration of a State’s ability to conform to universally acceptable democratic standards. In Bangladesh, the present condition of good governance is not satisfactory. All the internal and external actors of politics, administration and development are emphasizing the need for good governance. Today it is not the only academic issue rather it is being discussed in aid forum and executive meeting and discussions. But actual picture of governance in our country does not prove to be good and satisfactory.

Local as well overseas experts believe that Bangladesh has made progress in many areas, such as primary education particularly for girls, child survival, empowerment of women etc. But these experts also recognize that the country faces many challenges, basic services such as health and education still not reaching all, Justice under law remains a mirage for many, lack of security is a constant worry, corruption is endemic. This study focuses on challenges, experiences and strategies for good governance in Bangladesh. It explores what capacities state needs to develop to meet the demands and how to strengthen governance institutions, including electoral management bodies, parliaments and judicial systems in Bangladesh.

Many problems act as barriers to good governance. The government of Bangladesh has made serious and sincere efforts to strengthen democratic institutions and promote good governance.

Good governance is the heart of democracy essay

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