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Great Expectations Descriptive Essay

Updated May 25, 2019
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Great Expectations Descriptive Essay essay

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Word Count: 387 involves many characters but Joe Gargery is one of the few that has the trait of humbleness he was always giving compliment but never taking them. Maybe his compliments were not noticed but they were given, in a way that only Joe could give them, quietly. He had a very big job to do, he was a blacksmith and he looked out for Pip. Even though he did have an obligation to watch out for Pip he did.

Joe Gargery, the husband of Mrs. Joe Gargery, the sister of Pip, was brought up in a very violent method, Mrs. Joe called it by hand. Some speculate that Joe married Mrs.

Joe because he viewed violence as the norm in his life. Just like Joe was brought up in a violent manner that is how Mrs. Joe treated Pip. Whenever Mrs. Joe would loose her temper and go to strike Pip, Joe was always there to stand in front of him.

To protect him, Thats how he was, a very caring companion to Pip. As uneducated as Joe was he was still very happy even when Pip knew more then he did. Sometimes Joe felt out of place when he was around Pip in his later years but he didnt say anything. Joe was not the type of man that says everything on his mind. If there was something wrong he dealt with it in a quiet and patient manner. Great Expectations shows the trait of sweetness in Joe very clearly.

When Pip was sick, Joe comes and takes care of him, When Pip is showing signs of stability Joe leaves. Joe feels no need to stay and look after Pip because he knows that he is not needed anymore. Pip is now a gentleman, Joe is still a coarse and common man. Even when Pip was going through changes from a blacksmiths apprentice to a gentleman, Joe knew not to get in the way.

There can be many lessons taken from Joe Gargery, if we can strive to be more like the kind and gentle soul Joe was the world would simpler and finer place. Even though Joe is just a character in a book there still can be a lot to learn from him.

Great Expectations Descriptive Essay essay

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