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Han china

Updated January 17, 2019

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Han china essay

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Han china (206 B.C.E – 220 C.E) and Imperial Rome (31 B.C.E – 476 C.E.) were each amazing civilizations in their own ways. Each dynasty made many great ecological and technological advancements. Additionally, the goverments of these civilizations each had ways of maintaining the political control over their subjects. The Han Dynasty of China and Imperial Rome’s methods of political control were similar in many ways (including their use of centeralized goverments and their uses of military) and man differences(including the roles of citizens in the goverment and the goverments technques for keeping the lower classes happy).The Han Dynasty and imperial Rome each had forms of centralized governments.

In each Civilization (In the han dynasty, Han Wudi and in the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar) a male political leader worked very hard to form a respectable form of a centralized goverment.As stated in the textbook , Han Wudi worked extremely hard to increase the authority and prestige of the central government. He built an enormous Bureaucracy. Similarly Julius Caesar fought to gain respect. Caesar, though,won through battles fought and won. Once Caesar did make a name for himself, he wa quick to take control and centralized the government underneath him.

This method of political control proved to be very and it makes complete sense. The more centralized the government is, the more power any one person has the capability to hold in that government. For example when all parts of the government come together, a king could potentially control every aspect of their citizens lives,rather than just the more important pieces. The Han dynasty and Imperial Rome each used military tactics in order to enforce political control.

The Han Dynasty(most notably when it pertained to the Xiongnu) and Imperial Rome each used their militaries as a major method of political the Han Dynasty ,Han Wudi troops invaded northern vietnam and Korea, and central Asia,bringing many under his control. In Rome , Julius caesar was also using his military to bring threats under his control. Caesar conquered much land, including gual. He also confiscated land from conservatives and distributed it to his armies and other supporters too. Each of these men continually used their military power as a method of controlling the people.

The Han dynasty and Imperial Rome differed greatly in their efforts to give citizens roles within the government. In the han dynasty the line of succession remained very hereditary, whereas in classical rome, all citizens were allowed some sort of say in their government.The leaders from the time of the han dynasty were almost all from the same line of descent. For The Han Dynasty, this method of political control worked well,because there was little to no confusion. When a ruler died,it was widely known who would take his place. This ket the government more stable , and therefore gave the public the idea that they were very stable.

Rome took a different approach. They allowed the lower classes (plebeians) to be granted the right to elect officials, know as tributes ,to represent them in government. All in all, the classical society of china and rome were incredibly diverse, yet shared much in common.The Han Dynasty of China and Imperial Rome’s methods of political control were similar in many ways(including their use of centralized government and there uses of their militaries) and many differences (including the role of citizens in the government techniques for keeping the lower classes happy) but i believed the similarities outweigh the differences because while the differences are definite ways to control the people, the similarities listed have been much more – lasting and are much more essential to this type of control

Han china essay

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