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Hello my followers family

Updated January 17, 2019
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Hello my followers family essay

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Hello my followers family. FEBRUARY is here, the month of Love , is it ? But yes , in a way I have already have a feeling of wearing Reds, Pinks & after reading my fellow bloggers daily posts , some of them doing valentines giveaways, going for holidays and so on…that eventually dragged you felt to be like Yes I feel & In Love tooo 🙂 This month I am going to talk about how our reactions changes at every situation and life conditions. These all are my personal observations. MARRIAGE I feel is a game changer that just not make you from Miss to Mrs but re tweek your thinking abilities to fit in every win win situation or I say ” Safai se nikal lo” .hahahah! Its a story about me just like you who is a Delhi Girl , well educated , from a nuclear family, wants her own freedom, to earn own money in which she loves to spend on her , friends and most important buying gifts for family & friends.

I & my sister were raised up in very protective environment, our dad becomes our brother all the time from dropping school to our cultural shows , to pick us in the night from school friends house parties & coaching centres. Later on by college days , we were independent . I choose my soul mate & married to my best friend in November 2013, with all extravaganza family affairs big wedding with lots of ceremonies, both bride & groom were elder kids .” Yeh to hona hi tha” but really enjoyed & cherished every bit of it. Surprisingly , our Roka day was on February 14th 2013, such a cliche date to get hooked up. Emotional Flow : For a girl to get married and pick her entire ideology from one place to another is itself a big asset she gave upon.

Everybody around you talks about designer clothes, accessories, ceremonies, infact choosing honeymoon destinations , bachelor parties , but now being married for more than 4 years along with a kid , I realised nobody tells you how to build & grow strong relations with husband & in laws. What are the sensitive problems you face in new family. How to make adjustments towards their side and from your side should be done. In most cases , it has been left for the girl to go through this all emotional trauma but the real time action should be vice versa.

I strongly believe we should let our girls to understand the meaning of marriage, not just ” sabke bacho ki shadi ho gayi , tum bhi kar lo”. New Bride Saga: A beautiful bride decked up in decent outfit casual/western/indian stepping from house for shopping, going to office, travelling by metro or any other work. She has put make up ( recently bought new at the time of wedding) , sindoor pinch on forehead, complimented with red/maroon chooda,She has the new glow and charm. But what happens some or the other way some eyes are constantly watching you with full rigrosity as if you have done something wrong to get married.

Those women don’t understand that they are just like you who is younger , started off her married life , doing adjustments , going through a different lifestyle but still managing well, and Aunties specially the ones who passes comment on your appearances. ” kuch to jewellery pehna Kara to look married”. Really ? Thats everyone personal wish. Get Involved : I do believe every girl needs certain things to be done in some manner, be it kitchen , house, shopping, office work, handling kids etc etc…But in initial days of marriage try to get feel of everything from being heavily dress up to sub nude ones, try to go new places which have not before, new festivals and much more small things.

Always remember a small gestures always leaves a big impact than doing noticeable gestures. Its important because one should get to know the difference between all extremes. Its my personal experience and it worked . for all the new woman you meet after marriage ,represent yourself as individual of your family in which you were born ; raised. Change Starts with New Moms : As a mother , needs to understand that how we are raising our kids. Be it a mother of a girl or boy child, it is equally important to make kids realise about practical approach.

However, people have a tendency to a raise a girl child with concious thought ” , life me sab kuch seekh lo, warna ache ladke nahi milenge “. How a girls future is decided by a future husband. No ways…New Moms think about it ??? Miss Home This is something you can’t leave behind being daughter , which world has tied you to become daughter in law ..( by laws) 🙂 post marriage In every possible way stay connected to your life givers (parents), no one will be happy to see you growing , successful, achieving heights in whatever you do in life without them. Remember our parents equally wants us. These are just few picks which I have highlighted , I am sure many of them are not listed here.

The call is we always felt, talk, realise sometimes discuss among few close friends or sisters. But by laws no one is able to give proper solutions to it. Because its a life changing experience to go through. What we call work on , to make things better to live in , not to spoil in. In next 25 years, my daughter M will definitely have lots of questions to ask to her mommy , hope we could show the best way to our kids. Till then have a happy happy love month ..and stay tuned for some more posts.

Hug Everyone you met !

Hello my followers family essay

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