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“New York To Cornakry” by Rich Mckeown Movie Review

Updated August 24, 2022

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“New York To Cornakry” by Rich Mckeown Movie Review essay

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The short film “New York To Cornakry” by Rich Mckeown is to show the people outside Guinea the true beauty of its culture. People from America got a chance to visit its wonderful country and experience to practice and view people of the country dancing and drumming expressing their happiness. This film showed the emotional attachment the cast outside the country endure at the end of their trip and how the perspective of the country was wrong at first.

This film also has interviews of people within the country who cherish their culture and invite others to visit and experience the happiness within the country. The movie was made to show that what the international media have been showing is not all true. Poverty is not what Africa is filled with but mostly with happiness. The short film “New York To Cornakry” by Rich Mckeown was a very knowledgeable movie. This film showed the joy the people of the country Guinea and who had visited experienced.

In Guinea the people values their culture of music and dancing as a very important part of who they are which makes them special. Their dancing is a very vibrant type of movement and mainly happens with drums playing. This bring an indescribable joy to people watching and performing; this culture is rich with joy. With all this in mind it was relevant for the cast outside the country who were interested in the culture of Africa to visit the beautiful country. This film was very significant because it shows the true colors of Africa. In the media Africa is being portrayed as a country with its people fighting poverty and living a depressed life.

The film was made to bring knowledge to the people who have never been to Africa or seen the true joy within the country. It showed the true happiness in the beautiful country; people find their country better suitable than living in the “richer” countries as they view their happiness over money. However, the everyday living may be difficult, but someone said “In America you have all the money, but the people go crazy but in Africa you don’t have much money but happier than them” this showed how priceless they view their happiness which is very valuable in this world. The director Rich Mckeown did a fantastic job showing the country Guinea and its rich culture. He made sure his main point of showing how beautiful and wrongly portrayed the culture of the country have been shown.

Mckeown did this by making a trip to the country with outsiders of the country and interviewed them about their experienced which was all beautiful stories of what they experienced. These people were also on the panel who would answer all question in person. These people spoke highly of the country. They spoke about feeling spiritually connected to the country which will live within them for the rest of their lives. Some were emotional about speaking about the country and how much they miss being there.

However, what each person had in common was that they would defiantly visit there again if given the chance. Secondly, Mckeown also went around and interview people from the country and ask them how they viewed their country and their culture which was also positive responses. Finally, he captured the joy in motion. This was the most significant part of filming showing the audience true joy without hearing it from other people.

Mckeown did a wonderful job capturing the people of the country and who visited playing the drums and dancing together. The people of the country in particular were very electric in their dancing and drumming; people were laughing, smiling and even a lady wig fell off dancing which she did not even stop to pick up. Mckeown did a great job capturing and spreading the true picture of Guinea. ASASE YAA’s approach can address the problems we as individuals face in the American society.

This is because living in America the people do not actually understand the type of living that is out there in the world and the different cultures within other countries. ASASE YAA’s approach brought a real look inside a different country which was not staged and made to create a fantasy but to show the real beauty within the country. This film was very educational and fun. They showed the great culture within Guinea and its true beauty.The cast within this movie had real love towards the culture which was displayed without having to put out much effort. The media can portray a culture wrongfully but films like these are movies which should be circulating more within the media and not the negative part of a country.

“New York To Cornakry” by Rich Mckeown Movie Review essay

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