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Sunset at Jamaica Beach Descriptive Essay

Updated September 14, 2022

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Sunset at Jamaica Beach Descriptive Essay essay

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As I walk through the warm sand down the beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica I find an beach chair with an umbrella available for me to use to enjoy the scenery of the bright orange sun bouncing off the edge of the water. After a breathtaking and outstanding day at the beach, I am satisfied of the beauty of nature and I dread leaving going back to reality.

Sitting there adoring the tranquility, I lay back with my eyes shut listening to the roaring waves push upon shore. As I lay there thinking, I feel the blustery winds as the blow sand up my legs. As I tie my hair down to control it from the breeze, the sand once again blows at me, however this time I taste the mixture of salt and grit. In the distance I hear people talking , laughing, and some screams of joy all at once . Everything seems so serene, dismembering all the worry and stress from my mind. Once I open my eyes, I see the bright sun across the clear blue sky now reflecting in the ocean water.

There are jet ski’s racing back and forward on the outskirts of the water and there are large blown up water slides right in the center. With so many different things going on in the water, it makes me more amazed. Just to the right of me, near the shells and the turtles passing by, a few people walked along the dock taking cherishing photos leaving them with memories that will last forever. After watching them do so, I decide to take a video of the surrounding Houston2 beauty of the Caribbean for me to show everyone back home the unforgettable experience I witnessed. After a few minutes, I became tired of watching every else play in the water, so I stepped to the edge of the water. It was so clear blue you could see straight through it.

When I put the tip of my foot in, my body instantly cools down. It is revitalizing. As I slowly move in further, the water rises to my waistline. Moving deeper into the water, I stepped on a piece of coral, located on the ocean floor along with the translucent seashells. Bending over to get a closer look, the coral is carved and jagged. The colors are bright combining pink and some sort of orange, with a rough texture.

As I stood in the water a while my body started to shiver once the breeze began to pick up. I dive under the water using some snorkeling equipment I rented and watch all the small fish swim by in groups. Time passes on and I decide to go back to lay under the umbrella. For the rest of the evening I watch the sun go down and set across the ocean. I begin to feel more relaxed. As my day at the beach comes to an end, I sit and reflect on what an amazing time I had and when I will be coming back again to visit.

I sit in awe thinking of how small my worries are compared to this exceeding ocean right in front of me. All of my stress is being washed along shore with the waves, leaving me content with my life. The spirituality of the view is so meaningful and inspirational. The ocean is the beginning of life on Earth in which lacks forms. The fact that the ocean extends further than my eyesight is unfathomable. As I sit here looking over the horizon, the sun has almost set now and only a piece left to disappear into the ocean, however it was still illuminious.

As the sky transition from day to night, I realize that even at night the sky pretty. The bright stars light up across the water. I began to make my trek back to the boat and as I slowly walk dreading my arrival back to reality, I reminisce in the beauty and serenity of it all. I’m well aware I cannot get this everyday but I am Houston3 enjoying every aspect of it.

As I get back on the boat, I scroll back through my captured memories and think of how grateful I was to witness God creation of beauty.

Sunset at Jamaica Beach Descriptive Essay essay

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