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How The Internet Will Help Mechanics

Updated November 1, 2018

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How The Internet Will Help Mechanics essay

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How the Internet will help mechanics My report is on how the Internet will help auto and diesel mechanics. There are many ways in which the Internet can help auto and diesel mechanics. I have a couple of reasons here. I have E-mailed two people.

The first is Fred Schumacher. He has been an auto and diesel mechanic for 40 years and also owns his own shop. The second is from two people at the same E-mail address the one is Dean Stoops, and his son-in-law. They both have auto mechanic experience.

First, let us talk about Fred. Fred says the following; firstly The Internet will make it easier to find the hard to find parts. Another reason is that you can go into the chat rooms and talk to some of the more experienced mechanics. Third is that you can find jobs, because people are always looking for go diesel mechanics. Fourth is you can go straight to the business that make the equipment.

Some examples are to Mack, Caterpillar, and Detroit manufactures. Fifth is you will also be able to learn which tools are needed to perform certain jobs and to get diagnostic equipment that is necessary. It is also possible to get education over the Internet. Examples are you can find information about new ways of doing things, and updates on trucks. Finally the Internet will replace manuals in the future.

That will be because you can go to the Internet and look at a picture of the part you need. This will save you time. Next, we will discuss Dean and Chad. Dean said it is a good source of technical information. You can go to a page like and get a whole bunch of casting numbers for just about ever Chevy small block ever made. The second thing that they have is their immediate tech updates available.

Third you can down load directly from a car computer back to the manufacturer. Finally you can order parts worldwide. I am aware that you can get access to complete catalogs on the Internet without getting the catalog. Some of the companies I go to are Summit, Jegs, and JCWhitney. And these companies have chat rooms and information help.

And you can also buy used parts at places like for the your special needs. I believe that the Internet will make it easier for the mechanic that is pro or shade tree. And that some times the manuals get old and either they don’t want to buy the book or don’t have the time. The Internet will save time and money.

This is some of the information you can get online for diesels are as follows: You can go to the Cummins Engines home page. Wounch you are there you can click on an icon of parts and service. You can follow the links and get to an area where parts locator for the whole world. You can chose the country you want and click on it. Go to the city and state you want and chose what type of equipment it is for.

Then a screen comes up that has the dealers and what they sell that are in the area. You can find information on auto is as follows: I went to the Chevrolet home page. Where it gave me an option of what I want to look up I went to Chevy Cars. Then I chose the option of Camaro. It brought up a picture of an old 69 Camaro and a new one.

I went to product information and went to specs. There it told me every thing about the engine dealing with pistons and valve train. I am doing my evaluation on Cummins Engines. It was very through.

It talked about everything from auto to on highway. There was links to find anything I ever want to know about Cummins Engines and then some. There was also information about stuff put in the news. It is an extremely good place to go to.

When I get my own shop I will visit there a lot.

How The Internet Will Help Mechanics essay

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