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Huck Fins Emergence

Updated November 1, 2018

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Huck Fins Emergence essay

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Huck Fin’s Emergence Huck’s Emergence Throughout the book The Adventures of Huck Finn, the author Mark Twain, portrays the character Huck Finn as a child who, through numerous experimentations, learns to feel compassionate for his fellow human beings. Huck thought twice before he helped Jim escape from entrapment. When the Duke and the King steal the money from the Wilks Family, Huck feels bad for the family just walking into the situation with blindfolds on, so he decides to steal the money back and makes sure that the sisters have their late brother’s inheritance. But then Huck feels remorse when he lies to the King and Duke about stealing the money. When Duke and King get caught he also feels remorse about them getting tarred and feathered.

Huck obviously goes through phases in which his judgement is one sided, but in the end he always feels for his fellow humans. When it was revealed to Huck that his best friend Jim had been sold he got angry. The Duke and the King sold Jim off to a slave holder. Huck went through some moral decision making before he decided what to do. At first he wanted to write a letter trying to persuade the slave holder to let Jim go with Huck. Then he just decides to let his friendship take over and he decided to go help Jim escape.

Huck came about this radical decision because he realized through the journey that Jim was also a human being that had feelings of his own and Huck respected that. He thought, “I’d go strait to hell.” The Duke and the King are devious fellows. They are very hard to trust. They pull scam after scam. The biggest scam that they tried to pull was when they pretended to be the Wilks brothers.

The family hadn’t ever seen them because they lived in England so, knowing all the information,made everyone in the town think they were the real Wilks brothers. Huck felt sorry for the sisters of the “Wilks” brothers because he knew what was going on and how blind they were to it. He decide to steal the gold from the Duke and the King and secretly give it back to the family that it belonged to. Then after doing this he felt bad about stealing the money from the Duke and King because he betrayed them. His emotions were always shown pretty well, “I couldn’t’ let the sisters be without their money.” The Duke and the King never got away with their scheme against the family. They were eventually found out and when they were they were to be tarred and feathered.

At word of this Huck gets a sense of remorse. He feels bad for the Duke and the King because he felt that they didn’t deserve it. He said “Its amazing how cruel humans are to fellow humans.” Huck eventually realized that there was nothing he could do so he left and went to go save his best friend Jim. Huck gives us a sense of his behavior throughout this book by his child hood creativity. He constantly changes his mind from thinking one thing to one completely different.

It makes for a very interesting story line when the main character keeps changing his mind about who he wants to have to be his friends. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading adventurous stories about a young boy. English Essays.

Huck Fins Emergence essay

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