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I Rhetorical Essay

Updated September 4, 2022

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I Rhetorical Essay essay

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Dropout is a student who leaves a specific level of education system without achieving first qualification. A number of dropout students are increasing high school dropouts has risen, reaching 4.8 million or an 11 percent increase since 2012, according to a senior administration lawmaker.(QC. Rep. Alfred Vargas.

2017). Vargas’ House Bill 1825 cited DepEd statistics showing the “rising dropout rate” among high school students. School dropouts have a serious negative impact on the societies. Early dropout from the education system leading into low qualification and most often to unemployment and other social problems is the cause for an increasing education divide in many countries. Often this divide further distances various social, cultural or ethnic groups within a society.

Children who are from poor families, live in rural areas, or are from ethnic and linguistic minorities are less likely to attend school. Girls’ education is strongly associated with better welfare at the individual, family, and society level. Educated mothers are more likely to send their children to school, thus breaking the cycle of poverty. The quality of learning is and must beat the heart of Education for All.

Many young people make decisions in their early years that can affect not only their personal welfare, but also their societies as a whole. Some students fail to complete school and may become marginalized, unemployed, or otherwise underprivileged instead of becoming productive members of society. High school dropouts are both an individual (and family) problem as well as a national one. It is individual problem because most (not all) do make considerably less money than graduates. It is a national problem not so much because of lost tax revenue but because we have had a tremendous waste of human resources.

Why do students drop out of high school? Their reasons are many. Some are personal, such as pregnancy or the need to help support their families. The dreams of these young dropouts are said to be postponed, because more and more jobs today require a high level of skill and education. By dropping out of high school, teens are “locking themselves out of mainstream society and are barred from good- paying jobs”. In addition, dropouts comprise half of all heads of households on welfare and more than half of all people in jail.

But teens will continue to drop out of school unless ways can be found to help them realize that education is the key to achieving a successful life. Working together, teens and educators can explore who drops out and why and then look for ways to help all young people stay in school and receive the education they need. This view was reaffirmed in the study by Hunt, (2008) who also found that dropping out is often a process rather than the result of one single event, and therefore has more than one proximate cause.Read more at

Theoretical Framework

According to UNICEF & UNESCO, (2011), school dropouts refers to children who were enrolled in school but have left school before completion. Dropping out of school is related to a variety of factors that can be classified in four categories, namely: individual, family, school, and community factors. This study focused on school factors though recognizing that there is no single risk factor that can be used to 2 accurately predict who is at risk of dropping out.

However, the accuracy of dropout predictions increases when combinations of multiple risk factors are involved. The study by Hammond, Linton, Smink, and Drew, (2007) found that pupils who drop out often cite factors across multiple categories. There are complex interactions among risk factors leading up to dropping out. Dropping out of school is often the result of a long process of disengagement that may begin in some cases even before a child enters school, and is often described as a process, with factors building and compounding overtime. School dropout is a complex, multifaceted problem and the decision to drop out of school is a process, not an event.

It is for this reason this study focuses on identifying school related factors leading to school dropping out of senior high school or the K-12 system. School is the focal point in the education process of students it is not expected to contribute to their dropping out of it. It is important to clearly recognize that the final goal is not only to get children in school but also to ensure their continued stay in school so that schooling results in good learning outcomes (UNESCO, 2005). Based on the theory, the main topic of the study is to aim to determine the Reasons Causing information and communication technology students to drop out of Senior High School in Saints John and Paul Collages 2017-2018.

Statement of the Problem

School is the focal point of the education process. UNESCO, (2005) states that the role of the school is not merely to get children into school but to ensure their continued stay in school to completion. This perspective suggests the need for schools to provide an environment conducive to ensure learners do not dropout.

Research Hypothesis

Drop out students are most likely to have low job opportunities and low salaries because most companies hire college graduates.

The most possible cause of dropout students is poverty. 308991018751558 008

Significance of Study

This study will be conducted to determine the Reasons Causing the Information Communication and Technology Students to Drop out of School in Saint John and Paul Colleges 2017-2018. At the end of this study, the following are the individuals and institution that will benefit the study: Students- Teachers- Government Agencies- Future Researchers- They may use this study as a reference or a guide in their study.

It can be used as one of their related studies and can be used to get more information. 28613107124709 9 VII. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION This study will be conducted at the Saint John and Paul Collages School on 2017-2018. The study will covered all ICT Senior High School students of the Saint John and Paul Collages on 2017-2018. Reasons Causing the of information and communication technology students to Drop out of school.

The possible benefits of this study was also determined by conducting this research. This is done for the purpose of what are their views about drop out students. The scope of the study is likewise limited to the possible responses of the respondents. 2937510126238010 10 VIII.

Definition of Terms Unesco

– Dropping out or „early school leaving” is understood as leaving school education without completing the started cycle or program. Statistics – no reliable, comparable and consistent data. Government Agencies- A government or state agency, often an appointed commission, is a permanent or semi-permanent organization in the machinery of government that is responsible for the oversight and administration of specific functions, such as an intelligence agency. Information and Communication Technology- the purposes of this primer, as a “diverse set of technological tools and resources used to communicate, and to create, disseminate, store, and manage information. Audience- the assembled spectators or listeners at a public event, such as a play, movie, concert, or meeting. Benefits- An advantage or profit gained from something.

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