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Solution For Child Development

Updated August 29, 2022

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Solution For Child Development essay

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I believe life is an endless progression of knowledge. This persuasion drives my actions and ambitions that motivated me in the world of cynicism. After completing graduation in Civil Engineering, with an emphasis in Structural Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad, I opted to pursue advanced studies from a global institute with state of art technology, versatile course outline, distinguished professors and goal oriented research work, where international students with diverse culture are warmly welcomed. In this regard, Politecnico di Milano caught my attention to pursue master’s degree, not only due to the fact it is leading university in Italy but also it offers a program that entails everything I was searching for. Born to lower middle class family of developing country like Pakistan, I came across feeling of destitution at a young age. Raised under challenging circumstances, my parents believe quality education is the mere solution to evolve child’s life. The firm belief and my dedication transformed me into a resilient upholder of accomplishing higher education, in a clan that usually prefers to live typical life with very ordinary occupation.

Habit of hard work and thirst for knowledge inherited from my parents, empowered me to advance from obstacles to opportunities in the quest for quality education. Securing silver medal in high school for academic excellence facilitated me to get enrolled in top-grade engineering university of Pakistan, stating 5% acceptance rate among 67,302 applicant. I maintained an exceptional academic career which encompasses merit scholarships both at secondary and undergraduate level. Bachelor’s life at university groomed my personality in every aspect, it provided exposure among students from different tribal and ethnic background, developed maturity and reformed my traits to stand out as a strong professional. In summer 2016, I got an excellent opportunity as an intern to work with National Engineering Service Pakistan (NESPAK), which clarified the significance of structural sustainability and further strengthened my academic interest.

I carefully organized my career plan, backing my degree’s research project accordingly, entitled as “Structural Lightweight High Strength Concrete”, exhibit improved structural efficiency in terms of strength/weight ratios for infrastructure industry. In year 2017, I completed undergraduate Degree in Civil Engineering, scoring excellent grades in core subjects. Impressive track record in academia and strong interpersonal skills allowed me to secure a job in a Chinese-Pakistani engineering firm. Over almost last one year, I worked on mega project of Pakistan under the supervision of experienced Chinese engineers. I mainly, use multiple computer aided software focusing on building information modelling and structural analysis. Influenced from past learning and practical experience, I opt to specialize in structural sustainability (advanced structural analysis and designing of structures) and urban planning, with the vision to advance in these areas.

Fortunately, I came to know of this program through a university lecturer, who did her Master’s Degree at Politecnico di Milano under a scholarship. She gave a picture of how friendly the environment is to international students in Italy and explained how greatly your institution contributed to her professional career. Her experience truly motivated me to choose Politecnico di Milano as a destination for my graduate studies. Therefore, I decided to acquire higher education from a well reputed Italian university that permits me to work with the leading researchers and guide me in my contribution to the field of future Civil Engineering. I hope Politecnico will be my next step towards innovation, empowering me to spread my newfound insights and knowledge to further educate others as I plan to pursue a career in academia as a researcher. On non-academic side, I was an active figure in extracurricular activities.

I received shield of honor in final year due to my extra-ordinary athletic skills in soccer, cricket and squash. I was nominated as a house captain of annual sports gala due to my leadership skills and sports achievements. I strongly believe in community service and played an active role in society e.g. volunteering in rehabilitation of schools, counseling on importance of education, mentoring future engineers etc. I also represented ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) student chapter as a director and organized multiple seminars and events. As a whole, I schedule my time at university wisely and maintained balance between academia and extra-curriculum activities. Considering my academic performance so far and my longing to enrich my knowledge in civil engineering, I am determined and confident that I will be an excellent addition for the nominated position of MSc in Civil Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Solution For Child Development essay

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