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Embrace Opportunity and Live Life to the Fullest

Updated August 24, 2022

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Embrace Opportunity and Live Life to the Fullest essay

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Reflecting back on your life, wouldn’t you want to have no regrets and be able to truly say that you lived your life to its fullest potential. I remember being little, and always hearing my grandmother whisper under her breath, “If only I could be young again; those were the days.” I always wondered why she would say stuff like this. Whenever she would say this, young me would ponder why she would say such a thing, because in my young eyes, I felt as if her current life was pretty dandy. Something I greatly enjoy doing is trying new things whether if it’s trying new foods or trying new things. I also love to go out and explore and see what our world has to offer.

When I do these types of things, I like to bring my camera with me and take pictures and videos of my journeys and experiences alongside my friends. Over summer going into my senior year, I had just woke up and saw that my friend was calling me, and asked if I wanted to go to Flagstaff over the weekend and shoot some pictures with a few people. It was very last minute and I was not prepared at all but I did not want to turn this opportunity down because I know it would be a fun time, I would met new people with similar interests, and I would be making more memories.

Sunday night, I got back from going on a frightening (my friend is a terrible driver), but fun roadtrip with a couple of my friends, which was just one of many that I took that summer. I was laying in bed that night thinking about how my grandmother always tells me that these are the best years of my life and how time will fly by. I finally came to conclusion as to why she always tells me this.

High school has flown by and now I am a senior in high school. Next thing you know, in a blink of an eye, I will be shuffling across the graduation stage alongside my peers and be receiving my diploma. Soon I will be moving away from my family and what I know and instead be starting fresh in college. So why should I ever regret my life when I have every opportunity to take right now. We do not know what tomorrow will be like or even if we will have a tomorrow.

Why ponder in the future or in the past? It is time that we all start living more in the present. You can’t spend your days wishing for better but instead you should be making it better. Time is something valuable and you should use it to its fullest capacity and embrace the opportunity of living life to its fullest.

Embrace Opportunity and Live Life to the Fullest essay

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