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Clinic at Mgwenyane – Facts and Information

Updated August 26, 2022

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Clinic at Mgwenyane – Facts and Information essay

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I volunteered at Mgwenyane Clinic at Mgwenyane location I chose the organisation because there is a shortage of staff or assistance which may lead to poor service given to people because some people are not given attention or the care they need. Which leads to chaos. Security Water More nurses Record the personal details of people Collected water from the river Arrange people according to their arriving times for example, from earliest to the latest Help the disable people when going to the doctors’ room Assist older or children to show them the ward they are supposed to go to Clean the premises Collect the dustbins and throw them away Keep the organisation safe and sound, make the organisation a welcoming place therefore everyone may feel safe and protected.

What I did in the organisation is, I recorded the names/personal details of the patients. I sat on the table and call out each patient to come to the front so I could record their personal details, and provide them with information regarding the room or ward they are supposed to go to. Having done with the recording of personal details I would take the names of the patients to the nurses therefore they could know a number of patient they are dealing with. I would record the personal details of the patients from the earliest patient to the latest.

I also helped the disabled, I accompanied the disable people who were there to take their medication. Sometimes you might found disable people walking alone at the clinic struggling to use some facilities which are in the premises of the clinic. I therefore took charge and help the disable those who were unable to use the steps for example, those who used wheelchair I lifted them up or let them lean on me so they could be able to get help or reach in the ward in which they were taking their medication or seeing the nurse for a check-up. Moreover, I also went to fetch some water from the taps outside the clinic premises, so that older and younger children could have something to drink. Sometimes you might find out that the clinic gets full of people, so people could wait in the lines with nothing to drink.

Taps in the clinic premises are still under construction, people who are in the clinic do not have access to water, other than taps which are outside the clinic which you walkable but far for elders. I took some empty bottles and put some water on them, after that I borrowed a glass from the clinic staff, while people were waiting in the line I poured some water especially the elders who were thirst and tired waiting in the line. I cleaned the premises, I collected the dustbins, put them together and throw them away. Sometimes in most cases people come in the clinic with their lunches considering the fact the will wait in the lines.

Some people might buy something to eat and throw away the things/papers in the floor and the place gets with papers and plastics all over the floor. I therefore collected the papers from the floor and put them in the bins. The clinic does not have much bins, I therefore encouraged them to use even the old buckets to throw to, so they could avoid the place from getting dirty. .

Clinic at Mgwenyane – Facts and Information essay

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