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Iceland’s capital is Reykjavik

Updated January 17, 2019

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Iceland’s capital is Reykjavik essay

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Iceland’s capital is Reykjavik (which means smoky bay)has a population of 322,000 people recorded in 2016 it has a nickname of the land of fire and ice speak many languages such as Icelandic English (Nordic languages and German are also common languages spoken) the religions are 74% evangelical Lutheran Church so they are Christians the currency used there is islandic krona Iceland was founded by the Vikings the Scandinavians were the first ones to find Iceland in 870 and was ruled by Norwegians before it became a republic in 1944 Iceland is covered by ice, glaciers and geysers and has about 20 active volcanoes, it lies on two tectonic plates which is where the volcanoes are based the two plates are called the Eurasian and north American plate the lava which came from the volcanoes in the plate boarders formed the island there are also many hot springs and mud pools which is where the heat of the earth comes out of the energy of the Iceland volcanoes and vents are used by geothermal power stations and they supply heating to 85% of households in Iceland.

The geographic coordinates of Reykjavik the capital of Iceland latitude is 64 degrees , longitude is 21 degrees and elevation above sea level is 37m

Iceland’s capital is Reykjavik essay

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