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The spleen size throughout pregnancy

Updated September 24, 2022

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The spleen size throughout pregnancy essay

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In 2006, Ron Maymon and its colleague worked on the spleen size throughout pregnancy. They examined 288 healthy pregnant females. They worked between 6- 42 weeks and checked them routinely. Patient that had splenomegaly, febrile illness, problems related to gestation or chromosomal abnormality within past months were excluded. Position for measuring spleen was right lateral decubitus. Maximum length took in coronal plane and width was taken by placing cursor perpendicular to the length.

BMI was also taken using formula weight / height (m2). Their work showed a relation between splenic size and gestation period. Splenic size increased due to increased in BMI during pregnancy. Maymon R, et al, 2006.

In 2013, EW Ugboma and HAA Ugboma worked on sonographic evaluation of the splenic length in normal pregnancy. In this work 150 healthy pregnant females were taken with their BMI, gestation week and parity. Gestation period ranged in 9-40 weeks. In this work mean spleen size were taken that was 9.7 to 10.3.

this work showed that there is a relation between BMI with spleen but not relation with gestation week and parity. Ugboma EW and Ugboma HAA, 2013 Normal pregnancy that is a physiological condition which produce changes in various body’s system. In 2008 work had done on maternal changes. Morrafi D, et al, in 2008.

In 1983, work on normal splenic size, liver and portal vein on ultrasound had done. Niederau C, et al, 1983. In 1999, splenic size measured through autopsy. In this study Loftus and its colleagues worked on 30 cadavers. They worked on the splenic length of 30 cadavers and correlate with sonographic measured value.

Their study showed a linear correlation. Their study proved that the actual spleen size measured in sonography. Loftus WK, et al, 1999. In 2006 spleen size measurement in collegiate athletes had done.

Hosey RG, et al, 2006. In 2005 splenic size measured in tall healthy athletes. In this study Spielman and his colleague wanted to find the range of spleen size in tall healthy athletes. They examined 129 college athletes in which 82 men and 47 women were studied. After completion of examination they found the result that there was a positive relation with height and spleen size. Spielman AL, et al, 2005.

In 2016 spleen dimension measured in adult of North-Western Nigeria. Yahuza and its colleagues worked on splenic dimensions. They examined 400 Nigerian adults and checked the relation between height and weight with splenic size. They proved with examination that there was a positive result between height and weight with size of spleen. Yahuza M.A, et al, 2016. 5: Material and Methods: Study area and sample size: Cross-sectional study will be conducted on 150 normal pregnant females for measuring the spleen size in Mailsi district Vehari.

Pregnant females will be chosen randomly in government hospital Mailsi (THQ). This study will be conducted in period of months. Inclusive Criteria: In this study I will include: • Pregnant females will be included • All pregnant females will be in the range of 20-40 years Exclusive Criteria: In this study I will exclude • Females that are not pregnant will be excluded • Females that had a history of splenomegaly will be excluded • Females that had a chromosomal abnormality and gestation problem will be excluded • Females that had a history of febrile illness • Children will be excluded • Males will be excluded Equipment: Real time imaging will be used. Gray scale ultrasound machine that will have a transducer of 3.5-5 MHz frequency fitted with it. Patient Preparation: First history of the pregnant female will be taken.

she will be asked to drink water before scan. Height and weight will be measured before scan. Consent will also be taken. Ask the female about her gestation week.

Parity will be asked to the volunteer. Method: All examination will be done in supine position. Deep inspiration will be required during examination. From posterolateral approach angling of probe will require between ribs intercostally.

Problem will be caused by lungs base, bowel gases or shadows of ribs. To avoid this and for better visualization slowly roll the patient. Length of spleen will be measured by placing a transducer in longitudinal position. Length of spleen will be measured from the dome to the tip of the spleen. After that splenic shape, position and echotexture will be seen.

Mean will be calculated and then percentage will find out. After that data will be arrange in pie chart, or bar or frequency tables etc. For analyzing the data software will be SPSS. Calculate the values and p value will be significant for consideration.

The spleen size throughout pregnancy essay

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