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In Search Of The Real Bill Gates

Updated September 16, 2022

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In Search Of The Real Bill Gates essay

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Bill Gates, the wealthiest man in North America.

Readers Digest did a well brought out biography the most well know man in the business today, but doesnt go into his role in Microsoft itself, but rather in his home life and how he got so smart at what he does. Everything between him as a child dreaming of the perfect computer system (and making his own) to his early stages to making Microsoft, including his family lift, his marriage to his wife and having his first child, Jennifer. His life started out quite the same as every other kids life started out until the age of about when he became less aware of his parents needs as a family. Gates spent most of his time in the basement where he did most of his thinking, fights would often arise due to the fact that Gates would not do anything around the house. Bill had reached grade ten, already fully knowledgeable about the computer industry as it was. Bill Gates was still fighting with his mother until a councilor told them it was useless to reason with him.

This continued until Gates graduated from high school and went to university for a degree of business and computer science. The article also goes on to explain when Bill Gates planes to retire his position at Microsoft, which is in ten or so years and to switch back to a family life. His wife was a lot like his mother, he says the person you fight with is the one who is most like you, smart and independent as he describes her. There seems to be a lot of web sites today on the Internet that try to make Bill Gates seem like a bad person. Trying to undermine other companies like Netscape, Sun Microsystems and Apple computer, he says there is a lot of internet hate sites out there that have my name on it, it doesnt affect him in any way or his cutthroat instincts.

But like other things, moves by other companies like Netscape or Sun Microsystems keep him awake at night and keep him on his toes. The article was well written, although television programs like A&E Biography probably did a show on him. But where as the other people in the world wanted to know just a bit more about the infamous Bill Gates, this article will provide more than enough information about the richest man on this continent. May even the world. Even now, Bill Gates is already giving away a fair amount of his money to a charity fund somewhere.

He has paid or given money for new universities and other learning facilities, by the time he dies; Bill Gates will have donated at least 95% of his funds to organizations around the world and still going. But right now, Bill Gates is more concerned with his daughter Jennifer and planes to run Microsoft as long as he has to, contently making sure that no one is trying to debunk him from his work. After all he is only holding it up for another ten years before he calls it a night.

In Search Of The Real Bill Gates essay

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