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Indicators of Underdevelopment in Kenya

Updated August 11, 2022

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Indicators of Underdevelopment in Kenya essay

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Underdevelopment is the state in which a country’s full development status has not been attained due to lack of enough resources or the under-utilization of the available resources. Kenya as a country is yet to be fully developed, as is characterised by the following indicators:

High dependency ratio

A huge chunk of the Kenyan population is made up of youth below the age of 18. This population largely depend on the few who are in the working age bracket, thus creating a burden on the economy. The subsequent low productivity forces the government to borrow more foreign loans and increase taxes, to cater for the increased pressures on its finance.

Low levels of technological or scientific innovations

As a country, Kenya hardly come up with local inventions in the field of science and technology, primarily due to the lack of scientific and technological know-how. This is mainly due to inadequate educational and training facilities, and insufficient research in science and technology.

Lack of skilled manpower

One of the prominent indicators that Kenya is very underdeveloped is the inadequacy of skilled labour,especially in the scientific and technological areas. This is majorly brought about by inappropriate education system that doesn’t relevant manpower for the economy. A large population of skilled manpower is also lured to more developed countries due to better employment terms.

Trade dependence Kenya largely depends on the export of a few of its products. This can spell doom incase a natural calamity, for example drought, occurs. This will significantly hinder the production of the raw materials. Local factories are also left underdeveloped at the expense of foreign ones.

Dual economies this is a case where there exists a modern commercialized industrial sector alongside a traditional subsistence one. Production in the subsistence sector is not meant for the market but for the direct consumption by the producers. For instance, most of the maize grown in the country is largely consumed by the farmers. This is a drawback to rapid economic development.

Indicators of Underdevelopment in Kenya essay

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