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Managerial Roles and Skills in an Organization

Updated August 25, 2022

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Managerial Roles and Skills in an Organization essay

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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT COURSE: INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT CODE COURSE: MGT 400 TITLE: MANAGERIAL ROLES AND SKILLS IN AN ORGANIZATION SUBMITTED TO: MADAM NOR INTAN SHAMIMI BT ABDUL AZIZ SUBMITTED BY: NAME NUR ASMAH ATHIRAH BINTI MUSYI STUDENT ID 2018200028 FACULTY ACCOUNTANCY CLASS AC2201A SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 19 OCTOBER 2018 CONTENTS BIL TITLE PAGES 1 INFORMATION OF THE LEADER AS FOLLOWS: INTRODUCTION OF THE LEADER INCLUSIVE HIS POSITION AND JOB RESPONSIBLE 1 2 ROLES OF MANAGERS: INTERPESONAL ROLES INFORMATIONAL ROLES DESICIONAL ROLES 2-3 3 THE SKILLS THAT THE LEADER MIGHT POSSESSED: CONCEPTUAL SKILL HUMAN SKILL TECHNICAL SKILL 4 4 POLC FUNCTION COULD HELP LEADER MANAGE THEIR ORGANIZATION EFFECTIVELY 5 INTRODUCTION OF LEADER INCLUSIVE HIS POSITION AND JOB RESPONSIBLE Dato’ Aliff Syukri KamarzamanDato ‘Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman, was born on April 3, 1987 in Felda Kechau, Kuala Lipis, Pahang. Apparently, he was not unlucky to be born in a rich family. Because of that he decided to change his family life. The spirit to start a business started after seeing his schoolmate carrying a money of 50 cents and he was only 20 cents. Thanks to Dato’ Aliff’s determination, he has successfully opened his own company which manufactures products for health and named D’herbs Health Sdn Bhd.

He was now the top managers in his company and responsible to plan his company towards a better future. His products have benefited the community in terms of health and beauty. Now, these products have been known throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. He is determined to make the products of D’herbs healthy as a world-renowned brand and that brings many benefits to consumers. The word “leader” brings a lot of things in minds. For example: A passionate leader, who always eager to advance the company A researcher, who always looking for the best solution to address the problem An open minded, who is willing to consider new ideas from the others Definition of leader is someone who has the power to lead people within its field.

They have many followers who are loyal and ready to receive anything. Furthermore, leaders help themselves and others to do the right things. They set the objectives, build vision, and create something amazing together. Leadership is about what the leader lead the members of organization towards success.

So, the leaders and members in organization work together to achieve goals of their organization. Yet, leaders they must also have management skills to guide the people to the right destination, in a smooth and efficient way. Dato’ Aliff was the general manager who are responsible to make sure that the subordinates did their job with effective and efficient. 1 ROLES OF MANAGERS LEADER WITH INTERPESONAL ROLES This managerial roles involve interactions and relationship with subordinates and clients. The three interpersonal roles played by the managers are figurehead, leader and liaison.

First, figurehead. Managers must have social skills because they have to gather authority and to be recognise as a high position in represent the organizations. For example, Dato’ Aliff attended the event that been attended by the superior so that his company was known. Next, leader. Managers is responsible to make sure that the subordinates do their work and take care of them with not biased because everyone has their own privilege. For example, Dato’ Aliff make sure his subordinates comfortable with the productive environment in workplace like he provide the air conditioner so that his workers did their work neatly.

The last one is liaison. Managers must be able to cooperate with the workers to do the activities and develop good relationship between subordinates and outsider. For example, Dato’ Aliff helps the subordinates improve their relationship with always invite dinner together once in a month. LEADER WITH INFORMATIONAL ROLES This managerial roles involve collecting information and shared with others. Informational roles include monitor, disseminator and spokesperson.

First, monitor. Managers have to observe and teamwork with the subordinates to seek the information. From this information, managers identify the opportunities to upgrade their organizations. For example, Dato’ Aliff work together with the subordinates to gather the issue that not satisfying them so that the issue will not repeat again. Next, disseminator. Managers shared the information they receive to the subordinates and helping them to improve their their duties with effective and efficient.

For example, Dato’ Aliff always pass the information to the subordinates in order for they to do the things right. And the last one is spokesperson. Managers responsible represent the organization and transmitting the information about the organizations to outsiders. For examples, Dato’ Aliff advised the shareholders about the benefits that they will gat if they invest in their company. 2 LEADER WITH DESICIONAL ROLES This managerial roles involving controlling conflict and making the best decisions. Its include entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator.

First, entrepreneur. As a manager, you control the changes within the organization. This means solving problems, generating new ideas, and perform them. For examples, Dato’ Aliff solving the problems faced by nation who has problems with their skin so he come up with ideas to produce a product that less oily and whitening the skin.

Next, disturbance handler. When an organization or team hits an unexpected undesirable things, the managers are responsible to handle it. For example, there was an accident of the lorry that brought the company products, Dato’ Aliff was responsible to bear the loss and apologize to the customer. Then, resource allocator. The managers have to find the resources that was the best to applied into the project. For example, Dato’ Aliff choose honey as the ingredients to put on his new skin product because honey has many benefits.

And the last one is negotiator. The managers are responsible to negotiate with employees, suppliers, customers and other work groups in to work together in order to achieve goals towards a better organization. For Example, Dato’ Aliff ensure that the group is making progress in order to achieve the goals of the organization. 3 THE LEADER SKILL CONCEPTUAL SKILL Conceptual skills present the ability of manager towards thinking.

The managers must to think about future of the company whether they want the company to open other branch in country or overseas or they want to gain the highest profit. That means he will do the analysis and diagnosis for the best decision. Then, he will think about long term planning for the company’s future. Conceptual skills are for top managers, a little for middle level managers, and not important for first level managers. According to the managerial hierarchy, the top managers needs the conceptual skill so they will improve and be respected. For example, Dato’ Aliff who is the top managers in D’herbs Healthy Sdn.

Bhd. make sure that the company must achieve the organization’s goals who wants to gain the maximum profit as much as RM5,000,000 per year. HUMAN SKILL Human or interpersonal management skills present the knowledge and manager’s ability to work with other people. Without subordinates, there will not be a need for the existence of management and managers.

The managers are responsible to manage the group performance of the subordinates. He advised and give motivation to the subordinates who less motivation and helps them to improve their duties with effective. Human skill are for mid-level managers and a little to the top managers and first level management. The middle level managers needs the human skill because they are leading the subordinates.

For example, Dato’Aliff who is the mid-level managers in D’herbs Health Sdn. Bhd take care of his subordinates and give motivation for them to improve their duties effectively. TECHNICAL SKILL Technical skills are important for first level managers. They need this skill and techniques to do all the works. Technical skills are not only for machines, production tools or other equipment, but also the skills that will be used to improve sales, design different types of products and services, sells the products and services a lot and others that requires skills. Technical skill are for first level managers and a little to the top managers and middle level management.

The first level managers needs the technical skill because they needed it to perform a certain task that are required to them. For example, Dato’ Aliff who is a first level managers used the best technique to sell the products fast to the consumers. 4 POLC FUNCTION WILL HELP THE LEADER TO MANAGE THEIR ORGANIZATION EFFECTIVELY Planning is the managers and subordinates work together to set the goals and objectives of the organization. They also define the vision and mission that will draw them towards achieving goals and success. They also plan the best strategy in order for them to achieve the objectives. For example, Dato’ Aliff and his subordinates build a plan that they want to produce the cosmetic products to the woman who has skin problems besides gain the profit.

Organizing is the managers responsible to organize the organization with effective and efficient. They isolate workers according to their expertise such as in marketing, finance and manufacturing. Every workers have their own duties. So that, the plan will work well with the teamwork from every members of the organization. For example, Dato’ Aliff build a marketing group that just focus on marketing. Whether they want to do the advertisement or promotion it is up to them as long as their activities makes benefit and low cost of production.

Leading is an ability of managers to lead people. The managers are responsible to lead the subordinates to do the things right or to do the right thing. The managers must show the leadership that will be example for the subordinates to follow. The managers also must give the motivation and communicating with the subordinates to together solve their problems. For example, Dato’ Aliff always respond to his subordinates dissatisfaction and will trying to upgrade it. Controlling is the manager’s responsible to control the subordinates to do their duties.

The managers have to observed them so that the plan will not deflected and so that it will lead them to achieve success. When every members of the organization do their duties, so there is hope that the plan will achieve the goals and objectives of their company. For example, Dato’ Aliff observe every subordinates so that they will do their duties with effective and efficient. As a conclusion the POLC function will help the leader to manage their organization effectively because in making a big decision the POLC function will leads the managers to lead the organization step by step and without hectic. When the manager’s leadership was powerful, people will respected the managers because they did the work effectively and efficiently. 5

Managerial Roles and Skills in an Organization essay

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