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Jacob Have I Loved

Updated September 19, 2022

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Jacob Have I Loved essay

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Jacob Have I Loved is a great book for any child that resents their siblings, because thats how this twin sister relationship is best described.

Sara Louise recalls her difficult adolescence on Rass Island and her intense jealousy of her own twin sister Caroline. Caroline is a selfish, over protected person and Sara Louise feels like her life is based on competing with the most admired sister Caroline. Caroline always got what she wanted and was considered to be the attractive one, smarter one by her mother and grandmother. Foe example one day before attending church when Sara Louise unexpectedly became a woman she stained her Sunday dress and couldnt go to church, her grandmother had a cocky attitude because she couldnt attend church that day. But when Caroline had her period she was congratulated Thats just many of the trails that made Sara Louise stronger throughout the book.

Caroline is assumed to be the better sister, but in reality Sara Louise is the independent and strong sister, she never let anything stand in her way. When Caroline needs other people for almost every thing and is surprised when she doesnt get her way. For example, Sara Louise and her best friend Call, Call thought Caroline was attractive but rarely played with her. He liked Sara Louises personality, she wasnt fake and didnt pretend to be someone shes not. But when Call came back married to Caroline from the war, all of Sara Louises dreams were lost, but still remained friends with Call and kept going on and on. Yet another example of Sara Louises strengths.

This book emphasizes with Sara Louise and helped me see her point of view and better understand that all people have their own talents that they may not have discovered yet. This twin sister relationship was based off of jealousy and beauty that would have never have been if they were both treated equally and their mother and grandmother didnt play favorites.

Jacob Have I Loved essay

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