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Jae Hwang

Updated November 1, 2018

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Jae Hwang January 11, 2001 Mr. Bowen Chlodwech and year 496. Chlodwech whom refers as Clovis (466~511) was a son of Childeric I and founder of the Merovingian monarchy.

Originally little more than a tribal chieftain, he became sole leader of the Salian Franks by force of perseverance and by murdering a number of relatives. After his marriage (493) to the Burgundian princess Clotilda a Catholic, he had his children baptized but was not immediately converted to a Christian. He converted to Christian after defeating Alemanni in the late 490s. some Gallo-Roman bishops lead by Remigius persuaded Clovis to become a Christian believer.

Chlodwech and three thousand of his troops were baptized in Rheims on Christmas day year 496. However, there were some problems that had to deal with conversion of Clovis. Clovis and his troops believed Jesus Christ as a figure who protects them from the battle where they fight. Also they believed Jesus will bring them a victory from the battles. However, in teaching of Jesus Christ, he never talks about he will bring the victory in the war. He never talks about help killing other people.

In addition, Gallo Roman bishops offered Franks a liturgy in their own language or to give them a vernacular translation of scripture.

Jae Hwang essay

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