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Joe Everson

Updated September 24, 2019

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Joe Everson essay

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JOE EVERSON 414-53-1463 CONCEPTS OF FITNESS AND WELLNESS 11:00 TO 12:00 12/6/1998 The dictionary definition of health is as follows: soundness of any living organism; vigor of body and mind; freedom of defect or disease. I am in good physical condition because I work out often. I also believe I am emotionally well balanced because I fell good about myself. However I am slacking a little bit in the intellectual wellness area because I don’t have a very open mind. I have very good faith because I am a Christian. I have some very good friends, so I believe I am in good social well being.

My definition of wellness and health, is living a good life and having good friends. One definition of physical fitness is the ability of the body to adapt to the demands of physical effort. Another definition could just be being in good shape. Yet another persons definition might be being skinny. There are five areas of health related fitness.

The first is cardiorespiratory endurance, the second is muscular strength, the third is muscular endurance, next is flexibility, and last is body composition. I think physical fitness means being in good shape. Physical fitness can affect your everyday life because if you’re in good shape you will be more active and do the stuff you like to do. I have good muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. I do lots of push-ups.

I have a weight bench and I lift weights often. I do lots of stretching so I am pretty flexible. One of grandmothers has had cancer, but I don’t smoke like she did. I have dark skin and no freckles. I do go in the sun a lot during the summer and get real tan. I am not overweight and I exercise often.

I am 6’4 210 pounds. I believe I am in the recommended weight. My body fat percentage is twenty-three, which is over recommended body fat. My bmi is 23, which is in desirable range. For better cardiovascular health I need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

I also don’t need to worry so much about the little stuff so much. I should keep lifting weights because that’s good for me, but I should also start jogging. Three exercises I could do that are good for my heart are jump roping, jogging, or going to some of my old wrestling team practices and wrestle around. Good foods to eat that help prevent cancer are citrus fruits, cruciferous vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables, and dark yellow or red fruits or vegetables.

You should also cut down on your fat and saturated fat intake. By eating right and exercising you can obtain a healthy level of body fat. A good exercise for the biceps are curls, and the triceps are multitriceps. Bench press is the most popular exercise for the pectorals. Back extensions are real good for the lower back. Sit-ups are the most popular exercise for the abs.

The most popular exercise for the hamstrings is the squat, which also works out the quadriceps. The best exercise to isolate the gastrocnemius is the toe raise. When I work out I prefer free weights; I do three sets with eight reps each set. I lift about five days a week.

Head turns and tilts, and towel stretch are two stretches for the upper body. Step stretch and sole stretch are two stretches for the lower body. I will need to eat lower fat foods and not eat so much junk food. I should eat more fruits and vegetables and plan out my meals better and my snacks. I am also going to begin to jog around my neighborhood.

I will start to be more active and not lay around and watch TV all day. During this course I realized that I am not always going to be young, and eventually I will have to work really hard to stay in shape and be healthy. That’s what made me start to eat healthier and exercise more often. Hopefully I will stick to it and live a healthy life.

Joe Everson essay

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