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A Practical Training Workshop on Game Development using Unity

Updated August 22, 2022

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A Practical Training Workshop on Game Development using Unity essay

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The seminar is about the game development using a software or game engine use to develop a 2D as well as 3D games called Unity3D. The seminar discussed the essentials of the game engine, the prerequisites, how to download and install the engine, introduced the software, how to navigate, how to import sources such as image, sounds etc., important of parts of the software and everything that is needed to know by the beginner game developer using the said game engine.

They also discussed the modules, programming techniques, components, designs and how the developer will manipulate objects and everything on how they want it to be. Finally, the seminar covers techniques and strategies on how the developer will enjoy developing a game. A lot of student from different schools and other universities attends the seminar including Cavite State University – Carmona Campus students that is needed these kind of seminars specially Information Technology Students. The seminar held in Pacita Astrodome located at Pacita San Pedro, Laguna. The seminar proper started with the heart-warming welcome remarks by the host and followed by the national anthem and then a prayer.

After that, the host introduced the speaker for the seminar who’s Prof. Erwin M. Globio, MSIT. Some introduction given by the speaker and then after that, he started to discuss the prerequisites and how to download and to install the game engine. Then, he discussed the important and essential parts of the engine and makes us familiarize the user interface and the navigations as well. Then, he started doing a tutorial like discussion, he started developing a simple game he called “Space Invaders”, it is a 2d game where there are alien objects and fired by a spaceship. On the development, he continued discussing everything that was happening, he tackled first the designs and the game components which includes the assets composed of sprites, objects, sounds, scene and other components that is one of the important parts of the game. After that, he moved to the game programming, he write codes for scripts using C# language then apply it to the design and objects that he prepare earlier, he make it move to what the object should do and what he wanted it to be. Also, on the development he keeps discussing the techniques and strategies in developing a game.

Finally, when the development was done, he maximizes the game and showed us the fully functional game and then he ends the seminar with a little story of his life and some taking pictures. After the seminar, I have learned that the game development is a little bit confusing and difficult, the developer should know well their objects and assets in the project and the codes as well. Developing a game is a work in process, the developer should check everything while adding objects and codes. The seminar made me realize that developing a game is not that easy and we should really study the engines and software that we will be use like Unity3d. Also, it is really time consuming, 5 hours to discuss everything is not enough, I hope that the next seminar that I would participate more topics covered and with a free meal.

A Practical Training Workshop on Game Development using Unity essay

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