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Solving abortion problems

Updated September 23, 2022

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Solving abortion problems essay

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Abortion, to say the least, is a controversial topic in today’s society and has been for the last two decades. Two opposing sides emerge from this problem: Those opposed to abortion, “Pro-life”, have concerns about protecting human life. On the other hand, those in favor of abortion, “Pro-choice”, feel it is the right of the individual to make the decision for themselves. A 1996 Gallup poll showed that 83% of Americans were in favor of a womans right to choose. However, in 1998, a similar poll showed that while the majority of Americans were still pro-choice, they felt that an abortion should be harder to get. Problem In the last 2 decades, abortion has become a growing target for criticism as well as acceptance in todays changing society.

There has been much controversy as to what abortion should be considered as- life or death. Should it be a choice, or should it be the equivalent of murder? In the context of defining abortion, there has been many stipulations as to what constitutes abortion when does life inside the whom actually begin? Valued Ends When dealing with such a sensitive topic as abortion, in which there are in fact two extremely diverse viewpoints, it is difficult to present a sensible answer to the way it should be.

In the “best of all possible worlds” women should be able to live their lives in the way that suits them best. Society places heavy opinions on women who have had or are planning to have abortions; this in turn has an impact on the well being of the woman. Secondly, women are placed in a very difficult situation when they become pregnant and are not expecting it. Society should be supportive and willing to help emotionally and/or financially in her time of need. Possible Solutions and Consequences *Provide society with a positive understanding of the purpose of abortion through the use of government action. –Many people would remain unchanged in their ways, especially as it pertains to religious views. However, with knowledge comes wisdom. If people were better informed, they might not assume a false truth in the matter.

Make it illegal for people to take negative action against women having an abortion. This would make a woman feel better about her decision. Many women, after having an abortion feel emotional distress, mainly due to societal opinions. *Provide women with a greater understanding of the decision they are about to make. After being informed of possible consequences of their actions, woman may then make a more educated decision, which would in turn alleviate public tensions. One Workable Solution As it was said previously, when dealing with such a sensitive topic as abortion, in which there are two extremely diverse viewpoints, it is difficult to present a sensible answer to the way it should be. This being said, the most sensible and practical solution to this problem would be to provide society with a positive understanding of the purpose of abortion and hope people will make a positive change in their view about abortion. If I was the one involved in this type of situation I would feel better knowing that people are trying to help others realize the hardships I am facing.

Others would benefit from this solution as well because it is the most sensible solution for such a difficult problem. Government has already made it legal for abortions to take place, now we just need to work on the negative opinions of society. This solution does fit my personal moral beliefs because I strongly feel that a woman should have the right, and the confidence to make her own choice in the matter. Action Plan In order to accomplish my solution, government would have to set up a national fund for the production of information in the form of pamphlets, television and radio commercials, endorsements from celebrities, and speeches by the president.

I personally should present my beliefs in a positive, constructive way so that it may catch on with people within my surroundings. Conclusion Basically it comes down to this: Abortion is a problem that will never be completely solved, but it is very possible that it may be remedied a great deal with the correct measures. A positive attitude and an open mind will help to unfold a society in which people can respect one anothers decisions no matter their opinions. I have learned from this project that I do in fact feel strongly about this problem in society. It is a problem that deserves and requires a great deal of attention, and only people with a strong desire to help will be able to make a difference. This exercise was required because it demonstrates a constructive way to present personal judgments using factual evidence on a controversial topic- a problem that has two diverse sides and a need for a solution.

Solving abortion problems essay

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