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Updated November 1, 2018

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.. that the officers were not actually from the Air Force Agency, but from the CIA.

When Davidson wrote the letters asking what agency analyzed the tape, neither accepted the responsibility. Realizing that there was something wrong with the consistency of the stories, Davidson asked the names of the Morse code operator and the agency where it had come from. The CIA agreed to help. The CIA phoned Davidson to tell him that since the signal was of known U.S. origin, the tape and notes had been destroyed to conserve file space (Haines 11-12). It is hard to dispute that UFOs are merely illusions, weather phenomenon, of hoaxes.

Ancient witnesses made claims of falling meteors from the sky, but it took science two centuries to accept the fact (Koemer 52). Just like witnesses to the meteors, people were not taken seriously and they were probably labeled crackpots and ignorant back then as well. There may be thousands of reports and maybe 90% are identified as IFOs, but doesnt science need to acknowledge that the other 10% be handled more seriously? There are plenty of credible witnesses who say something and there were plenty of unexplainable photos. Of all the photos collected, the most plausible UFO photos ever taken, UFOlogist selected the simple black-and-white snapshots taken by Paul Trent, a farmer in McMinnville, Oregon. The photo was taken on May 11, 1950; when Trent, his father-in-law and wife had seen a pieplane flying machine. When the film was developed, Trent showed it to his friend Frank Wortman, a local banker who displayed the pictures in the backs window.

A news reporter spotted the photos and published them. When the photos circulated in the newspapers and magazines, the FBI and the Air Force got a hold of the photo and interviewed the Trents. The picture then disappeared for 17 years until it was found in a new wire photo archive. Skeptics, up until this day, would not disparage the Trents integrity, and no financial motive for having faked UFO pictures.

The Trents never receive a dime for their photo. Computers analyzed the photo, but researchers could not find any strings, and the smooth bottom and sharp edges suggested an artificial object (Wilson 63). On NBC, they interviewed a dozen or more witness to an unusual sighting in Trumbull County, Ohio 1999. Most of the witnesses happened to be law officers and a dispatcher.

The dispatchers boards were lit up that one particular evening in the city of Liberty Township in Trumbull County. She was getting calls about a strange object lurking in the sky with multiple colors of lights. The dispatcher then relayed the news to the officers so they can check the problems. Sgt. Toby Meloro decided to investigate the matter.

He went to the source where it was last seen and an old man told him it went north. Sgt. Meloro proceeded and started noticing the light in the sky. When the strange object hovered over his vehicle, the vehicles power shut down completely.

This was when the officer decided to step out of his car and look directly up towards the bright light. That moment he noticed the colors were changing from white to green to red. Slowly the aircraft proceeded down the road towards Brookfield Township. What was peculiar to the officer was that the UFO did not make any noise at all.

What he found even stranger was that his car started back on as soon as the aircraft moved away. Lt. James Baker from Brookfield Township decided to take a look at what all the fuss was about. Baker drove to an abandoned radio tower and climbed all the way to the top.

The tower was about 60 ft tall, so the officer was high enough to see the other side of town. On the tower Baker say three UFOs hovering over the other side of town. One was in the middle just above the other two, making a triangle formation. Another officer saw the objects with a pair of binoculars and even claimed the UFOs had shape and structure (Confirmation). When skeptics cant discredit the witnesses of the photos, some skeptics want more.

Some cynics who had seen the Trent photo wanted more credible witnesses, but when skeptics heard about the Tumbull County incident, cynics wanted photos. Well, the obvious is very clear that skeptics would not be satisfied until there was both credible witnesses and photos. In Brazil, the Brazilian navy set up a weather station on the small rocky island of Trindade, in the South Atlantic Ocean. In January 1958, observers began spotting unusual aerial activity. On the night of January 16, 1947 crewmembers of the Brazilian naval vessel Almirante Saldanha had seen a flying disc object above the mountaintop.

Amongst the navy crewmembers was a civilian photographer who snapped a series of six photos. The photos were developed on board the vessel, and then they were turn over to the Brazilian Navy Ministry. Analyst determined the photos to be authentic and concluded they showed a 150 ft.dia. Object moving at 600 mph (Wilson 65). Given the number of witnesses and numerous photos analysis that even the skeptics finally ran short on explanations.

Does this mean that skeptic will convert to side of the believers? No, on the contrary now skeptics wanted more tangible evidence. They wanted real alien objects. Thousands of people reported that they have seen UFOs, but very few have claimed to have actually been abducted by aliens. One man only Paul from the video taken by NBC on Wednesday 16, 1999, claimed that he was taken by aliens. On a routine exam, Paul had his body x-rayed from top to bottom. What the doctors had seen were very tiny foreign objects appearing all over his body.

Some doctors dismiss it only as injuries that were caused by sharp objects when he was younger, so that was why he could not remember most of these objects. One particular object lodged in his right thumb was the most bizarre. The reason being is that if the object cut its way in, then why were there no scars? That got some doctors interested. Paul the abductee decided to have surgery to remove the foreign object. The doctor cut his thumb open, and removed what to analyze the object was to break it open to get the elements from the inside. At the University of Texas at San Antonio, Robert K.

Smith, Ph.D. crushed the object and used the inside of the material to analyze. After a careful and thorough analysis, the elements of the foreign object did not match with the 65,000 known substances I their computer file (Confirmation). There are so many things that we do not know. Take for example that science has yet concluded real solid evidence that we evolved from apes. They talk about missing links, but all they have is theories.

These are the some of the same scientists that debunks UFOs before they could really understand. This subject is as complex as evolution and the Bible, and no one seems to really know what is true and what is not. Just like the falling meteor incident, maybe there is a bit of truth in everything. We have learned different types of ethnicity, ages, structural classes, and credible and non-credible witnesses have reported UFO sightings.

My reasoning for believing in UFOs is the incidents I have presented can not dismiss there existence of prove the skeptics correct. We cannot be the only life forms in this universe because there is so much that we dont know. Bibliography Confirmation: The Hard Evidence Writer. Starling Price. With Robert Davi. KNBC.

Burbank, Ca., 17 Feb. 1999. Fitzgerald, Randall. The Complete Book of Extraterrestrial Encounters. New York: Macmillan Publishing Co.

Inc., 1979: 12. Haines, Gerald K. A Die-Hard Issue: CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90. 21 Feb. 1999. Bedlam.Rutger: 16-18.

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