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Latin endings

Updated September 19, 2022

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Latin endings essay

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Chapter 8 Notes Present Tense Verb Endings PERSONSINGULARPLURAL 1st Person ( I )sing. (WE)pl.o, mmus 2nd Person (YOU)sing. and pl.stis 3rd Person (HE, SHE, IT)sing. (THEY) pl.tnt Finding the Present Stem of a Verb * you can find the present stem of a verb by changing the verb to it’s infinitive form and then taking off the “re.” Example: Step1. (look at the word) Ambulo Step 2.

(add the “re”) Ambulare Step 3. (Take off the “re”) Ambula Step 4. AMBULA is the present stem of the verb Ambulo. A:1st CONJUGATION Sing.Plural k1) ambulo – I walk, I am walking, I do walk 2) ambulas – YOU walk 3) ambulat – HE, SHE or IT walks ambulamus – WE walk Ambulatis – YOU (pl.) walk Ambulant – THEY walk ounderlined = verb endingsk doesn’t use the present stem B: 2nd CONJUGATIONsedeo- sedere Sing.Plural 1) sedeo – I sit 2) sedes – YOU sit 3) sedet – HE, SHE, or IT sits sedemus – WE sit sedetis – you (pl.) sit sedent- they sit C: 3rd CONJUGATION: scribo – scribereE I Sing.Plural *1) scribo – I write 2) scribis – YOU write 3) sedet – HE, SHE, or IT writes scibimus – WE write scribitis – YOU (pl.) write *scribunt – THEY write *drops last e or I D: 4th CONJUGATION: audio- audire Sing.Plural 1) audio – I hear 2) audis – YOU hear 3) audit – HE, SHE, or IT hears audimus – WE hear auditis – YOU (pl.) hear taudiunt – THEY hear tHas a “u” in it. E: ” To Be” = sum – esse Sing.Plural 1) sum – I am 2) es – YOU are 3) est – HE, SHE, or IT is sumus – WE are estis – YOU (pl.) are tSunt – THEY are tHas a “u” in it.

F:PRONOUNS (NOMINATIVE ) Sing.Plural 1) ego – I 2) tu- YOU 3) TBA Latin II – HE, SHE, or IT nos – WE vos – YOU (pl.) TBA Latin II – THEY

Latin endings essay

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