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Little Prince

Updated August 11, 2022

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Little Prince essay

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Little Prince When the narrator was 6 years old, he drew a frightening picture of a snake eating an elephant. All the grown- ups thought that the picture was a picture of a hat.The narrator grow up, without drawing any other pictures and became a pilot. One day, during a flight over the Sahara Desert, his plane had an accident and crashed. On the first night when the pilot was asleep he heard a voice asking him to draw him a sheep. He woke up and saw the little prince. After a few days the prince told the pilot his story, where he came from. He discovered that the prince is from another planet. The pilot thinks he came from B-612. He also told the pilot that he has a rose on his planet. His rose caused him sorrow because he works hard for her but she didnt say anything nice for return. One day the prince decided to go on a trip. On the first planet lived an old king. The king wanted the prince to stay and become the minister of justice.

The prince didnt want that job and he left to the next planet. On the second planet he meet the conceited man. The man wanted the prince to admire him. The price thought the man is too strange so he left the planet. On his was he meet a businessman, a tippler, a lamplighter and a geograph. The little prince arrived to earth and meet a snake. The prince asked the snake where the humans are but the snake didnt answer. The prince walked in the desere and found a flower. The flower told him that there are only 6 or 7 humans on earth.

After a few days he meet a fox. The fox teaches the prince something very imortant: that the most improtant things are hiding from the eye. That was the end of his story. On the 8th day of the pilots crashe the water went out. The both found a well and that well saved their lives. The next day the pilot saved the princes life when he saved him from a snake. During those days the pilot managed to fix the plane. On the last night the prince started to go home. The pilot followed him and he saw him leaving. The prince couldnt take his body with him so the body died and his spirit left earth. Six years later, and the pilot hasent seen the prince again.

Little Prince essay

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