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Little Women, Persuasive

Updated November 1, 2018
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Little Women, Persuasive essay

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As the defense has so diligently pointed out, it is indeed a sad day in the history of our judicial system when an innocent woman is sent to her death for a crime that she did not commit. I, for one, am not planning on having that momentous occasion take place today, and this is for one simple reason: Justine is guilty. While the defense has done nothing but parade Justines friends in front of you saying how much of a nice person she is, I, the prosecution, have presented you with cold, hard facts, all of which point to the guilt of the defendant. For instance, the defense has denied to present you with the crucial evidence that would prove her innocence: an alibi.

Justine was totally unaccounted for on the night of Williams murder, giving her ample time to commit the atrocity of causing his death. The defense has never presented you with anything that could account for her presence at some other location than the crime scene. Next, lets look at the most crucial piece of evidence in this case: the locket. The family heirloom that William took with him on the night of his homicide that somehow ended up on the person of Justine Moritz. Once again, the defense has neglected to account for this.

With this evidence alone, you, the jury, should convict Justine Moritz for the tragic murder of William Frankenstein. How could the locket have been in the possession of the defendant unless she had taken it from the corpse of William? And, if she had taken it from the corpse of William, she must have been the one to cause his death. Yes, it would be a sad day in the history if our judicial system when we convict an innocent woman of a crime that she did not commit. However, it would be an even worse day when we release a murderer into society when the evidence so obviously pointed to her guilt.

Do not allow that day to come, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury. Convict Justine Moritz of the crime she has committed, and justice be served.

Little Women, Persuasive essay

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