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Long Term Collective Agreement

Updated August 27, 2022

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Long Term Collective Agreement essay

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A collective agreement is a written contract between the employer and a union that outlines many of the terms and conditions of employment in a bargaining unit. The terms and conditions are reached through collective bargaining between the employer and the union. The kinds of terms and conditions covered by a collective agreement typically include wages and benefits, as well as terms and conditions of employment that relate to such as job postings, obligations and responsibilities of the employer, the employee and the union and a dispute resolution process which is usually a grievance and arbitration procedure while collective bargaining is a process in which a union and an employer negotiate a group agreement. In this process, NSNU focus on acute care, community care and long-term care. The collective agreement regulates the terms and conditions of employees in their workplace, their duties and the duties of the employer.

It is usually the result of a process of collective bargaining between an employer and a trade union representing workers. For the task that we had choose is Memorandum of Agreement between ALDERWOOD REST HOME and THE NOVA SCOTIA NURSES’ UNION. The 3 items in their Collective Agreement are: 1. Termination of Employment

Four (4) weeks written notice of resignation shall be given regarding resignation of employment by the Nurse unless mutually satisfactory arrangements are made otherwise. Accrued vacation, holiday and overtime benefits shall be paid out on the day of resignation or on the next regular pay day where the resignation day and pay day are not the same.

When a Nurse resigns, is discharged, retires or dies, the Nurse or the estate shall receive payment in proportion to any unused vacation leave credits, holiday leave credits and overtime lieu time credits, computed as of the last day of employment. The Employer is entitled to withhold any monies owed to the Employer from any accrued benefits.

  • In the event of suspension or termination of a Nurse’s employment by the Employer, the Nurse shall be given written reasons for the action taken. If this procedure is not followed, the action taken shall not be void but the time limits under Article 14 shall not commence until the notice is given.
  • It shall be a violation of this Agreement, subject to the grievance and arbitration procedures herein, if a Nurse is suspended or disciplined, or has been discharged by the Employer without just cause.
  • If a Nurse is dismissed or suspended for cause, the Employer will advise a Labour Relations Representative of the Union in writing as soon as reasonably possible.
  • When a Nurse is to be advised in person of a disciplinary action the Employer shall advise the Nurse of the right to elect to have a representative of the Local Union at the meeting. The Employer will give the Nurse and the Local union Representative reasonable advance notice of the meeting. The Employer will be notified prior to the meeting, of the Nurse’s intention to be accompanied by a Local union Representative.
  • Where circumstances warrant an immediate meeting, the meeting may proceed should a representative not be readily available. In the case of a suspension or termination, the union representation may be provided by a Labour Relations Representative of the Union.
  • A Casual Nurse shall not be disciplined except for just and sufficient cause. Where the Employer has determined that it will no longer offer work to a Casual Nurse, it shall provide the Casual Nurse with a letter so advising within twenty (20) working days of its decision. The discontinuance of the assignment of shifts to a Casual Nurse shall not be deemed disciplinary.
  • In the event that a Casual Nurse does not work any shifts for a period of six (6) months, excluding approved periods of unavailability, the employment of the Casual Nurse will be terminated.
Long Term Collective Agreement essay

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