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Many people seem to adore fast food

Updated January 17, 2019

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Many people seem to adore fast food essay

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Many people seem to adore fast food, like these amazing looking fries. But we have a problem, the government wants to put taxes on these and other fast food.

I say NO! Why you ask? Well, if you add taxes, prices would rise and trust me, no one would like that. The addition of prices would also cause fast food consumers to lose a lot of money. Fast food is all some people can afford, raising taxes can cause people to get poor. It isn’t the governments job to decide what we eat, we have our own choice and lifestyle it’s up to them to decide what’s best for us.

They’re just money greedy. If you’re going to tax fast food why stop there, you can very well tax everything that is bad for us, like playing video games because they support sitting down and not being active. Let’s take the case of an every day person who runs 3 times a week, does sports from time to time, has a healthy diet, and is in excellent physical condition. If he/she likes to relax with a pop and watch a movie on the weekend, or enjoy a chocolate bar with lunch, why should he/she pay more to do so? I was thinking? Maybe the government wanted to add taxes on fast food to reduce obesity, but fast food taxes aren’t guaranteed to reduce calorie consummation as they hoped. Fast food eaters may simply switch to a non-taxed much cheaper option for fast food.

Many people seem to adore fast food essay

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