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Matthias Schleiden

Updated June 24, 2019

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Matthias Schleiden essay

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Matthias Schleiden Matthias Schleiden was a German Biologist and a master micoscopist.

He lived from 1804 -1881. Schleiden was influenced by Schelling’s Naturphilosophie and the writings of Oken. He worked under Johannes sMuller and tudied primarily cells in plants. Schleiden observed that all plants seem to be composed of cells.

He is also considered the co-founder of the cell theory, which is that all organisms are composed if cells. This cell theory brought about two questions: 1. Are infectious diseases caused by foreign cells that invade our bodies? 2. How do the cells of our own bodies develop and function to maintain life? The other founder of the cell theory is Theodore Schwann. Schleiden often consulted with Mr.

Schwann. Sense Schleiden and Schwann’s cell theory it has changed very much it now has four parts: 1. Is that all living things are composed of cells. 2.All cells are similar in the structure and function. 3.All cells originate by cell division from preexisting cells.

4.The structure and functioning of an organism is produced by the organization and actions of all it’s cells. Schleiden wanted to make cell formation analogous to crystal formation. He published his results in Beitrage Zur Phytogenesis (contributions of Phytogenesis). His book is an important contribution to the understanding of genesis plant tissues.

He observed the nuclei but misinterpreted their significance in considering them as nuclei forming within nuclei. So therefor as you can see Matthias Schleiden was very important in the study of cells. Bibliography: Norstong/Meyerriecks. Biology. Charles E.

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Matthias Schleiden essay

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