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Differences and Similarities Between People of The World Culture

Updated August 30, 2022

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Differences and Similarities Between People of The World Culture essay

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Culture, in this instance, spans a variety of areas. To begin with, culture is the way a person was raised. In addition, it’s the values a person was taught. Finally, culture is related to man’s biological needs. Habits that a person is taught as a youngster will influence the rest of his life. Societies have a tendency to have distinct habits that their people live by, First, education is one example. To explain, in some areas of the world children are sent to school until they are 18 and in others they are never educated. Second, what people eat is part of their culture. In Italy people eat pasta on the other hand in Israel people eat fallafels.

Finally, a person’s dress is influenced by which society he lives in. To further explain, in the U.S. women wear anything from dresses to pants, but currently in Iran women wear dresses only and must wear a veil to cover their face. Certain societies have values that influence their people. Different civilizations have distinct social values. First, marriages are treated differently. In the U.S. most women feel that polygamy by a man isn’t acceptable. Women feel jealous and furthermore it is illegal. On the other hand, a woman of Koryak, Siberia, would not comprehend how a woman could be so selfish and so unwanting of another woman in the house as to wish to restrict her husband to one mate. Certain countries also have religion while others don’t. For example, in the U.S.S.R.

atheism is the way of the State; in many Mid-East countries Mohammed is worshipped and the Koran is a sacred book. Third, bigotry is not something people are born with, but are taught. Little children play with anyone regardless of color, sex, or religion. Unfortunatly, adults become jealous or dislike a person, and instead of disliking the individual, they will dislike the individual’s race, religion, sex, or anything else they can find to dispise. The adults will then teach the children their beliefs and the hatred becomes a never ending chain. Similarities are shown by the fact that man has biological functions that can’t be ignored. Men of all societies can’t ignore nature. To start, all men have the same life cycle. This cycle is that all men are born and all men eventually die. Furthermore, no matter what one puts on the body, a man is still a man and a woman is still a woman. In other words, men and women in all societies usually have a tendency to have strong desires towards each other.

These desires can be physical or emotional, but they are usually evident. Finally, all men are limited by “mother nature.” Certain societies might have a different skin color than another, but all men are limited in what they can eat and personal tools. Certain men cannot eat steel while others can. Furthermore, the only man that is known to fly is Superman, and he has yet to come off the movie screen. Kluckhohn’s explanation of the differences and similarities between the world’s peoples appears very logical. People are influenced by habits they were raised by. Furthermore, what ideas humans are taught bears an impact on their lives. Finally, all men are limited by their own physical being.

Differences and Similarities Between People of The World Culture essay

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