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Updated November 1, 2018

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monkey essay

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KrZyAzNnBoI: i understand DevilsInMePants: + my lil bro needs to help me w/it DevilsInMePants: i might brack it KrZyAzNnBoI: oo KrZyAzNnBoI: ic ic DevilsInMePants: and hes doin somethin eles right DevilsInMePants: ill c if he’ll come help me DevilsInMePants: and ill good find a ok pic DevilsInMePants: but ill b all dressed up and stuff DevilsInMePants: so brb KrZyAzNnBoI: k DevilsInMePants: hi DevilsInMePants: this is Jesse bro KrZyAzNnBoI: sup DevilsInMePants: Jessi will b back she is lookin 4 a pic KrZyAzNnBoI: koolz KrZyAzNnBoI: 8 36 KrZyAzNnBoI: oops KrZyKrZyAzNnBoI: wrong box DevilsInMePants: ok DevilsInMePants: okok me bavk DevilsInMePants: back KrZyAzNnBoI: kool KrZyAzNnBoI: got a pic yetz? DevilsInMePants: yaya KrZyAzNnBoI: koolhow monkeys live on a fram.

DevilsInMePants: back KrZyAzNnBoI: kool KrZyAzNnBoI: got a pic yetz? DevilsInMePants: yaya KrZyAzNnBoI: kool DevilsInMePants: there was a gurl in the pic w/ me but i cut her out KrZyAzNnBoI: o KrZyAzNnBoI: okies KrZyAzNnBoI: just sne dme the nice pic DevilsInMePants: my bro is fuckin around w/ the pic now KrZyAzNnBoI: damn DevilsInMePants: + we have to put it onto a disk KrZyAzNnBoI: o KrZyAzNnBoI: but u can just save t on ur comp KrZyAzNnBoI: and then delete it after u send it to me DevilsInMePants: no because we have the scaner on a diff computer KrZyAzNnBoI: o KrZyAzNnBoI: my badz DevilsInMePants: its ok u didnt kno KrZyAzNnBoI: aitezzz DevilsInMePants: im scared KrZyAzNnBoI: y? DevilsInMePants: because DevilsInMePants: i a shy preson KrZyAzNnBoI: y u shy for? DevilsInMePants: i dont think will like my pic KrZyAzNnBoI: y notz KrZyAzNnBoI: i haven’t even seen it yetz KrZyAzNnBoI: and u already think i be that judgmental DevilsInMePants: i kno DevilsInMePants: but KrZyAzNnBoI: …? DevilsInMePants: no i dont think u r judgmental it just that DevilsInMePants: i kno u havent seen it yet that is wat i was talkin about DevilsInMePants: 1 min. KrZyAzNnBoI: ok DevilsInMePants: His is James do you have paint for the computer??? KrZyAzNnBoI: huh DevilsInopen the file u saved ur pic on DevilsInMePants: MePants: the preogam!! fram are bad just ;like sexy people frams are not the best place for monkeys to live but hey. well they are frist shipt in a crat to were ever there going to the when they get there they are put in a habitat tahat looks like there originl home. they eat frit and other things like that. they live about 6-10 years on these frams.

monkey essay

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