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History Morrisons Corporate

Updated August 28, 2022

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History Morrisons Corporate essay

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Morrisons is a well-established supermarket chain in United Kingdom for the past 10 decades, it’s of the fourth largest chain of supermarket in United Kingdom, that has more than 498 stores across England, Wales and Scotland. Morrisons initial primary target focused was in north of England, but due to competitive market, the company itself has decided to expand their investment in South of England. Morrisons is a diverse huge supermarket chain retailer, their product is ranging from household to entertainment and fresh food quality. They are well-known for top notch quality fresh food across United Kingdom, the company basically targets audiences that are looking for affordable prices, conveniences and freshness within the country.The following report is based on, Morrison Supermarkets is considering if they should expand their business as they have been analyzing countries in the world not including japan and Australia, Morrisons supermarket have solicited our guidance as they have consult our agency if there were any potential investment in any of those countries.

Our job appointed as consultant need to build an overall report based on countries attractiveness in Japan regarding if there were high returns of investment. This report will consist brief introduction of the country, second part of the section we analysis the risk related to political economy of Japan, third section will identify and evaluate if there were any business opportunities for them to enter the market. Lastly the fourth section will discuss on balance of opportunities over risk, offers for recommendation in the proposed market entry based on our finding in the country. Introduction of Japan Japan is an island country at East Asia, located in Pacific Ocean.

The map lies off eastern coast of continent. Japan is a stratovolcano archipelago that consist of 6,852 island, There are the four largest which are named; Shikoku,Hokkaido,Honshu,Kyushu. In Hokkaido which is located the northernmost prefecture and Okinawa that is located in the southernmost one, the total population sums up to 127 million which is the tenth largest in the world.While the rest of 32.5million people lived in Tokyo which is the capital city in japan. Japan is one of the few largest and most developed economics in much more compared to other countries, Japan provided a well-educated system, industrious workforce. Due huge affluent population it’s one of the world largest consumer markets. Japan exports a variety of manufactured goods and electronics equipment such as ships and cars, from mainly these brands, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo.

The following attached report concludes more detailed analysis of the country, and examines Japan overall attractiveness for a United Kingdom retailer to be established.


History Morrisons Corporate essay

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