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MOTURI ALPHINE MESHACK +254715779479/+254729861341 P

Updated January 17, 2019

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MOTURI ALPHINE MESHACK +254715779479/+254729861341 P essay

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MOTURI ALPHINE MESHACK +254715779479/+254729861341 P.O.

BOX 797, BUNGOMA [email protected] August 1st, 2017 The secretary, county government of Bungoma RE: INTERNSHIP IN THE ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT I have the pleasure of being informed of an internship position in your department and hereby writing to express my strong interest to be given a chance to be a part of your team. I studied at Chesamisi High School and was blessed with becoming among the first two students with the highest score of A in the year 2013. I was requested to go back and offer services as alumni of the school to help the students. I am 21 years old, Kenyan citizen from Bungoma County.

I just finished my fourth year and awaiting to graduate this December from Egerton University. I was undertaking Bachelor of Commerce and majored in accounting option. In order to gain practical experience in the accounting sector I would really appreciate and take it seriously if I was given an opportunity to intern. Yours Sincerely, Moturi Alphine Meshack

MOTURI ALPHINE MESHACK +254715779479/+254729861341 P essay

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