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Movies in the 1990s

Updated July 3, 2019

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Movies in the 1990s essay

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alright dude i guess i can stepp in here. now what you are looking for are some really good things and i hope you are just wowed by the awesomeness organics. Syrian Rue—- is one wierd thing—it slike a trip you have never had by its self, but its used to potentiate other drugs(LSD,Mescaline,Psilocybin,DMT,MDMA,ans countless other tryptamines) but its kinda something that you have to listen to the warnings. Tyramine poisoning is not fun at all.

well i have done alot of checking out prices for all my shaman needs and so far the cheapist place to get “Syrian Rue” seeds is The Redwood Seed Company—- REDWOOD CITY , CA 94064 ( 1 ounce-$3—— 1/2lb.-$15 1lb.-$27 postpaid one pound is acrap load of seeds. the best way to take these is to grind them to powder in a coffee bean grinder. pack them into gel capsules(available at health food stores oh and get the 00 size, because each pill is a half gram increment so you can easily control how much you ingest)because they are pretty damn bitter. alone they make you trip but its a wierd trip especialy combined with other drugs. i trip alot and i would have to say that these seeds with LSD or mushrooms are propably some of the most visual and better trpis i have had.

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peyote if im corect has 1.6% mescaline with alot of other chemical (like 36 or something all having some effect) the peruvian torch has about .8% wich is not bad. then come san pedro at about .4% but you can either buy plants or order seeds. plants are probably the best way to go but the most expensive phalaris arundicacea(cannary grass) has a large amount of DMT . well you asked for help but i dont think you were expecting all this but if you hav eany more questions emailprotected or contact these addresses ELizabethtown IN 47232 email me if some thing needs to be answered experiement cause there needs to be more shamans out ther and a greater spread of this information laters— Bibliography: Ryche’s EZ Syringe TEK Ok..

here is a simple way of making a few spore syringes for yourself without the use of flow hoods and all the expensive equipment. Although I do recommend you have a pressure cooker for sterilizing the water. First off, If you don’t have a flow hood.. then you will at least need to use your oven door. Turn the oven door temp as low as it will go..

so its barely pushing any warm air out. Pull the racks out, lay down some aluminum foil, and spray it down with alcohol. This will act as your sterile work bench, the constant air flow coming from the oven door prevents air born contams from landing in your spore water jar and work area. If you have a pressure canner, I recommend sterilizing a pint or so of water at 15psi for at least 60 minutes, longer if possible. If you don’t have sterile water, use some bottled distilled water.

Although there is no guarantee its actually sterile. Or you can boil some distilled water and suck it into syringes and wait for them to cool. Use alcohol to wipe down an exacto knife, and then flame it with a butane type torch lighter.. not a cheap bic, they leave a black residue behind which is not good. Take a pint jar, clean real good, dry, then lightly wipe down with a cloth that has been saturated lightly in alcohol. Let this dry and the alcohol evaporate.

Poor a little of your sterile water into your jar. Depending on how many syringes you want. Suck some water into one of the syringes. Then carefully open your print, and with your sterile exacto knife scrape off some spores into the jar with water. You only need part of the print to make a good 5-7 spore clouded syringes if it’s a dark print. Squirt the water from the syringe back into the jar over the spores so there mixed around real good.

Then quickly start sucking all your spores into the syringes. Unless the print is pretty fresh, it would be best to let them sit in the syringes for 24 hours to rehydrate before inoculating substrate with them. This easy tek worked time and time again for me when I first got into this hobby. Also remember to keep your hands germ free and wear a dusk mask so your not breathing on the work area. One last tip, don’t let the jar sit on the oven rack to long or to far inside the oven, it will heat up and become to hot eventually.

Same with your tools, which by the way I kept mine wrapped in aluminum foil until ready to use on the edge of the rack. Also make sure your using sterile syringes. Hope this helps. Peace……..Ryche Hawk

Movies in the 1990s essay

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