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My Life In 10 Years

Updated June 8, 2019
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My Life In 10 Years essay

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I work at a place called Kid Zone. Kid Zone is a childrens party place.

At Kid Zone I am a floor girl. A floor girls job is very easy, but it can wear you out. There are two floor girls to an average party. Once the party starts, one girl stands by the door, greets the guests, and takes the shoes, jacket, and gifts of the guests.

Then gives the children a nametag. The other floor girl stands on the mats and keeps the children who have already arrived, under control. About fifteen minutes into the party, we start with some games. Usually hot potato, limbo, and musical chairs. By this time the pizza should have arrived.

We then serve the adults and children their food and a beverage. When everyone is finished eating, one girl cleans off the tables while the other girl plays freeze dance. Everyone who plays wins a prize. After freeze dance, the character of choice will come out and perform three dances with the children.

The character then sings happy birthday and leaves while the girls serve the cake. The girls then have about fifteen minutes to play another game, usually potato sack races, and start cleaning for the next party. It is not a hard job, but organization skills are very important in throwing a smooth flowing party. quotes Christina Messina, a hostess at Kid Zone. This is necessary because you have a set amount of things that have to be done in a certain amount of time. Also I believe patience is another quality you must possess to do this job.

Patience according to the Websters Dictionary is defined as demonstrating uncomplaining endurance under distress. You have to be very patient. Working with loud, out of control children all day can be very stressful. You have to deal with children not listening to the rules, fighting, climbing on ropes and walls, throwing toys and balls from the ball pit. When you are dressed up as a character, the pull your tail or your ears, try to unzip the back of the costume, and even try to pull your head off. Sometimes this can be very annoying, but you have to keep your self-control under all circumstances.

Enthusiasm is another quality that one must obtain. You are constantly on your feet all day. Not only are you just on your feet, but you are running around, playing with children, while trying to make sure all the adults have everything they need. While doing all of this you must keep a smile on your face, even when people complain.

I have decided for my accomplishment project, I would like to become a hostess. I feel that it would be less stressful, and the pay would be better. This would benefit me because I would be making more money, and maybe not dread going to work as much. I feel this would also benefit my boss because the girls that work for him are his business. The better we are at our job, the more business he will get. I am a hard worker, and I would do my best to make every party better then the last.

Another way this would benefit me are the hours I would be working. When you are a hostess, you have to come in one hour earlier because you have to set up for the party. Setting up includes making cotton candy, popcorn, putting the chairs down, putting the paper goods out, and getting the beverages prepared. Also there are not as many hostesses as there are floor girls; therefore, you will work more parties.

Even when there is not a party, you can be put on the schedule to come in and answer the phones and book parties. Lastly, if I accomplish my goal in becoming a hostess, I would have more authority. I like to be my own boss, and I feel I would help better Kid Zone. This accomplishment is important to me because right now I need the money. I need to pay for my monthly car payments.

Also when I have a set goal and I reach it, it makes me feel good. If I do accomplish this goal, I hope my boss will benefit from it. I am a hard worker, and I would like to prove it to my boss. To accomplish this goal there are many things that have to be done. One of the first things I have to do is show my boss that I am reliable. Not only do I come to work on time, but also when I can I come in early to help the hostess.

I do this to get ahead, and see what the hostess has to do so if I become one, the training would not be that long. I also have to prove to my boss I can be trusted. When working the parties as a hostess, you take care of the bill with the parents of the party. Some parties can be very costly, and my boss would have to trust me with the money.

I called another childrens party place called Kids Connection. They explained their party format to me, and it was exactly the same. I then called Fun and Frolic, and again it was very similar. I then decided to do some research on childrens games. I feel if I could find some games that are different from the games that the other party places play with the children while still playing the games that the usual party consists of, it would make our parties different.

When many people look at the party places, they look for something new. They are tired of the same old routine. In my research I found a new game that we could play with the children. One game was ring toss. I then went to Toys R us, and bought hoola hoops.

We already have a soft toy that the children could toss the rings around. In buying the hoola hoops, the children could also have hoola hoop contests. It turned out that the games were a great success. I have also thought of a game on my own that the children enjoy playing.

We have a ball pit, and I decided to take one ball of every color and put a you win! sticker on them. We then line the children up and send five children in the ball pit at a time. Whoever finds one of the balls first wins a prize. We have had many parties with requests for this game. About a week ago, my boss pulled me over and told me he was interested in making me a hostess.

He told me I was a very hard worker, and very into my job. He told me he appreciates all the hard work I have been doing for him, and he would like to show me that by making me a hostess. I started training the following week. I caught on very fast, and my boss immediately started making me hostess parties. I did not think being a hostess would be as hard as it is.

Sometimes dealing with the parents is a lot more difficult then dealing with the children. You have to know how to talk to the parents. Especially when they complain. Even if you do not understand the reason fro the complaint, you have to pretend you do, or apologize and explain to then that you understand but there is nothing you can do to help them, only if there is not anything that can be done. I have now accomplished my goal, and it has benefited my boss and me.

He has informed me that many people, while booking their parties, have requested me as a hostess. They are the people who attended the parties that I have hostess. He also told me if I keep working the way I am working I would soon get a raise. So I have to keep up the hard work and he will then show me his appreciation.

He then complimented me and told me that he was happy that he picked me to be the next hostess because I am doing a great job. I have now accomplished my goal, and it has made the money situation a little easier on me. Now only do I have enough money to pay my car payments, I can give a little money here and there to some home expenses. It is not much but every bit counts. I am proud of my accomplishment, and I am glad you have assigned this project.

My Life In 10 Years essay

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