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My Passion for Teaching

Updated August 12, 2022

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My Passion for Teaching essay

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As the eldest of four siblings, I often helped my younger siblings with their homework, taught them new things and helped them develop new skills. I truly valued the sense of achievement I felt when successfully teaching something new to my siblings. Through this experience, teaching became something I had a passion for.

Throughout, my primary and secondary school years, I had teachers that impacted my life in a positive way. They greatly influenced my decision to pursue a career in teaching. They encouraged me that the right career path for me was teaching as I expressed the qualities a successful teacher should have. As well as that, I believe education is very important in a child’s life. Therefore, I have a strong desire to be able to educate children. Due to the love I have for teaching and supporting children, I have participated and continue to participate in various teaching experiences with children.

I currently teach children during church Sunday schools. This voluntary work has allowed me to acquire several skills necessary to be a teacher, for example, lesson planing, communicating with children and managing a classroom. Sunday school teaching is something I really enjoy and look forward to doing every week. I have also completed three different shadowing opportunities related to teaching. I have shadowed teachers in two primary schools and one kindergarten.

This experience allowed me to witness what the work environment would be like everyday. What i observed was that no day was the same. This is one of the most enjoyable aspects about being a teacher; each day is different, each lesson is different. It is exciting.

As well as that, the shadowing experiences taught me a lot. One of the biggest thing I learnt was the importance of children having control over their learning. The classroom should be safe zone where children feel free to express their own ideas, suggestions and ask questions. I am a very active individual who has travelled to many different countries.

Travelling has allowed me to learn about many different cultures, beliefs and traditions. This will greatly benefit a career in teaching as there will be children from different countries in a classroom. I am also a sporty individual and I often organise sport’s day activities for the children at church. I believe it’s very important for children to regularly partake in physical activities.

Being able to positively impact a child’s life through teaching is truly a great feeling. I look forward to being able to experience this. I acknowledge the fact that teaching can not always be easy. However, I believe I have the patience, the persistence and the commitment required to be a teacher. I belive teaching is the right career for me.

My Passion for Teaching essay

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