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National Professional paintball League

Updated November 1, 2018

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National Professional paintball League essay

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National Professional paintball League is owned by Lane Wright. During the early 90s more companies began entering the MX market and John began looking to spread his interests towards a completely unheard of sport called Paintball. There goggle systems became the first mandatory safety equipment for this new sport, they were much smaller and cruder than the systems of todays players, but they provided the essential safety needed to play this extremely wild and upcoming sport. Today, JT offers a wide range of Goggle systems and protective gear for the sport of Paintball, as well as Paintball markers, competition gear, casual wear and accessories to enhance the players edge. They have been very fortunate over the last 33 years to be able to change the shape of 2 of the most exciting extreme sports in the world.

The National Professional paintball League is an organization that first came to life in the west coast. Slowly the sport started to take off till it hit the east coast. With the help of sponsors like dye sports, evil, paintball gear they are able to spread there products any where in the USA. The organization generates profit by selling Apparel, Barrels, Ball Hauling, Blow markers, Books/Videos, CO2 Tanks, Field Gear, Gas Systems, Goggles/Pads, Markers, Packages, Gun Access,.

Upgrades, Loaders, N2 Systems, Paintballs and Sun Glasses. The Biggest profit comes from World Cup Tournaments by bring more then 100,000 players to compete for prizes and money. All the teams are also trying to get more sponsorship from the top companies like Dye, Bob Long, Evil and JT Sports. The sport is played by players ageing from 14 to 32 years old.

With the big age deferents kids will learn new ideas from the top players. With kids trying to become better at this sports mom and dads will fell better knowing that there kids are at a club and doing something they like, then being out on the streets. Theres a lot companys do for the public. Top companys give back to the public by give sponsorship money to schools, parks, children and teaching them how to play safe.

The mission is to teach everyone how to play safe and have fun with a new sport.

National Professional paintball League essay

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