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Nightmare On Elm Street The Dead Of Night

Updated August 16, 2022

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Nightmare On Elm Street The Dead Of Night essay

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ke into the room. It was Alice. She ran to the group, shielding them with a sort of force field. “We’re safe here, for now. I have to talk to you. Everybody concentrate on the house you’re sleeping in.

Hopefully your combined thoughts will be enough to take you there. I hope I can get to you before Freddy does. Remember, when you’re in the house, you’ll still be dreaming. Now.. concentrate!” The figure’s vanished before their eyes.

Alice followed suit, appearing before them. “What’s going on? Who is he? What’s going to happen to Tracy?” Julie asked. “You’re friend, I’m afraid, will probably die as a result of the injuries. She’ll die in real life. The man’s name is Fred Kreuger, and he controls dreams.

He’s after you and your friends!” Suddenly, before their eyes, the body of Tracy vanished. A blue light appeared in its place, which separated into two, one going through the wall somewhere, the other into Alice. “I’ve collected your friend’s power! She’s dead!” Alice started to fade. “My dream power is weakening! I won’t be able to contact you anymore! Tell your friends..and WAKE UP!!!” Alice vanished, and everyone woke up. Except Tracy.

She was no longer in her bed, indeed, there was no longer a bed for her. Julie’s mother walked into the room, “Oh, I hope I didn’t wake you, but it’s time for school soon anyway.” Julie looked up at her mom, exasperated, and asked, “Do you know where Tracy is?” “Tracy? Who’s Tracy?” “Tracy! One of my best friends from last year! She came for the sleepover tonight.” “I haven’t seen any Tracy.” Hours passed.. They were in school by now. In none of the classes was Tracy’s name even called out in attendance.

In the seventh period, all of the group of friends shared the geography class. After class was over, Mike asked, “Hey, where’s Tracy anyway?” “You remember Tracy?” “Of course!” “And the rest of you?” they all nodded. “Oh my god, that means Freddy’s after US!” “Are you sure?” asked Christina. “Yes! When Freddy killed Tracy, he said there were 7 of us to go! There are 7 of us here!” “Waitaminute! Who killed Tracy? What’s going on?” Mike asked. Julie told the story to the rest of them, including the fact that no one but them seem to remember Tracy even existed. “So what should we do then? If this Freddy guy can kill us in our sleep, how can we defend ourselves?” “Band together.

Tonight, lets all try to go to sleep at the same time, and concentrating on staying with each other.” “Ok. Me and Peter have to go to Computer class.” “Class, I want you to type the test from your workbooks. You have the whole period, so be ACCURATE, but not at the expense of too much SPEED.” Those were the computer teachers most often used words; speed and accuracy. Mike, the fastest in the class, seconded by Peter, finished after half the period. The teacher was nowhere in sight, so, wearily, he fell asleep in his chair.

When he awoke, his computer was displaying some files by itself. It went into the MacPaint directory, and opened a file called 1,2 Freddy’s Coming for you. On the screen sprang an image of a black and white man, wearing a hat and a striped sweater. His face was burnt. The picture started moving, slowly.

It’s hand moved towards the front of the screen. A burned fist grabbed Mike’s sweater. He heard a digitized voice yell, “I just love today’s Technology!!!!!” Mike pushed himself back, escaping the grip. He ran out of the class, only to run into the madman, in full color this time.

He slowly walked back into the computer class. He kept thinking to himself, It’s a dream, it’s a dream. He pulled his hands around his head, and noticed, out of the corner of his eye, the computers were falling into peices. Parts of the computers flew at him, surrounding him with metal. He felt like he was one with the computer. He shot an electric shot at Freddy, who fell to the floor, apparently dead.

Mike smiled to himself. Suddenly, dream-Peter was looking at him. “Mike is that you? What are you doing in my dream?” “I just killed that Freddy guyieieie!!” Freddy reached up from the ground, pulling out cords. in Mike’s body. Freddy bent Mike over, and shoved him headfirst into the only remaining computer. Freddy laughed and yelled, “Don’t you just hate it when your computer CRASHES, Peter?” Peter screamed, and awoke from his desk, still screaming.

The teacher looked at him. “What are you screaming for, Peter?” “Mike! He’s dead!” “Mike who? You must have just had a bad dream! Calm down!” Peter stood up, and moved to the desk where Mike sat. There was a large message on the computer. It said, “3, 4, Better Lock Your Door!” The file then deleted itself, and Peter could swear he heard maniacal laughter.

It was ten-thirty, the time they had agreed on for facing Freddy. Freddy had confused them, sending them to different rooms of his dreamwold. Kelly appeared in the boiler room. She suddenly realized that she had a splitting headache, and she looked into a mirror.

But then she noticed that it was not a mirror. It was her, an exact copy of herself. She tried to make more, and succeeded in making three others. All of them smiled. Freddy burst into the room from the boiler.

“Well, well, well. I see you’ll be providing me with five times the fun!” He sliced at one, which died right away. The others surrounded him, kicking him with their $200 high heels. In turn, Freddy killed each one, until only the original was left. She twisted and turned, trying to elude Freddy’s clutches.

She ran out the door, and into the mall. She looked behind her, and Freddy was gone. She made four more copies of herself, and ran into a clothing store. All the manikens were wearing a striped sweater and a dirty brown hat. Their faces turned to that of Freddy’s, and they moved towards each of the copies. “Five of you, five of me! It’s only fair..” Freddy laughed, and Kelly screamed.

As if they were in a hall of mirrors, every Freddy killed every Kelly at the exact same time. Julie found herself in a carnaval. There was a large funhouse, and there was a large clowns-head fun house. She walked inside the tounge ramp, and the mouth closed.

The face’s features reformed themselves, turning into that of Freddy. Julie slipped down what appeared to be a throat slide. She was inside what looked like a human stomach. There were humanoid bodies stuck to the sides, screaming.

She saw a cheetah, who turned into Tracy, a robot, with a mechanical face like Mikes, five Kelly’s, and a doctor she vaugely recalled that died in a mental hospital in Springfield.. a doctor Nancy something. They were all screaming out to her, and Mike shouted, “Look out!!!!” Julie looked behind her. Freddy was standing there, waving his hand at his stomach.

“I thought you’d like to see your accomadations before you move into them.. forever! So, Julie, getting to know me, INSIDE AND OUT?” He laughed, and lunged at her. She suddenly vanished, appearing in back of Freddy. She kicked him, then when Freddy turned around, she was riding him piggyback.

She pulled him to the ground, and vanished again. When she appeared again, she stomped on his head, and then vanished. Freddy stood up extremely fast, and twirled around. Julie appeared right around his razor hand. She grasped her stomach in pain, and flew into the wall of Freddy’s stomach.

Freddy vanished, and she was left with all the other souls. Three of the souls started singing, “5, 6, grab your crucifix..” Mark, Robin, Peter and Christina were all together, in a jungle glade, near a waterfall. “Where’s Kelly and Julie?” Mark asked. The waterfall slowly turned pink, then blood red. Freddy jumped out of the bloodfall.

Moving at lightning speed, Mark whizzed around him, striking superfast punches. But Freddy flipped Mark over, into the pool. Covered in blood, Mark climbed out. Peter grabbed a rock, which disintegrated in his hand. He started to glow, and fired out a ball of energy! “Cool! Just like the comics!!” Peter yelled! Mark, now partially cleaned of the blood, punched Freddy. Freddy sliced at Peter, who fell backwards.

Mark continued fighting. Robin rushed to Peter’s side, healing the wound quickly. Freddy picked Mark up, and threw him towards Christina, who became intangible. Robin healed Mark. “We’ll never defeat this madman!” Peter yelled.

“Madman! That’s it!!!!” Robin yelled. “Distract him!” Peter continued to fire the energy balls, disintegrating things to gain more power. Mark zoomed around Freddy, and Christina tried to make his glove intangible. Robin grabbed onto Freddy’s head from behind. She could have sworn she heard from the bloodfall, singing. It sounded like, “7, 8, Gonna stay up late.” Robin yelled as she grabbed onto his head, “Got.

to. Heal. his. MMMIIINNNDDD!!” Freddy fell back, screaming. His face broke into two.

His glove fell into the water. The bloodfall finished it’s song, “9, 10, Freddys dead again!” The blood drained, and the water returned. The rest of the night was filled with nothing but pleasant dreams. T H E E N D ! Written by: Peter Dimitriadis, and Christina Georgopoulos.

Nightmare On Elm Street The Dead Of Night essay

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