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North Korea’s Nuclear Strategy

Updated August 9, 2022

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North Korea’s Nuclear Strategy essay

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September 3, 2018 North Korea gained worldwide attention, as the ‘Supreme Leader’ Kim Jong- un began the development of what seamed to be nuclear bomb testing, according to Strategic Comments, on August 28 assessment launch of a Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missile throughout Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, raised North Korean bellicosity and menace to a new level this all toke a change. In 2018 Kim Jong-Un made a change due to seeing signs of North Koreans economy imminent point of no return. (Theses Statement) Since the cold war in June 25th 1950 the United States has struggled to fully comprehend the principles that underline North Korean behavior and its past leaders that could not fully be understood or predicted who were, Kim II-sung 1950, Kim Jong-II 1994 and it’s current leader Kim Jong-Un in 2011 as they related they all left a different mark in history, history of North Korea is filled with brutal regimes a collapse of economy and the starvation of millions that might possibly be driven by complete social control. To get a better understanding of North Korea we must know the following its past, the change that occurred and what drove the change in mid 2018 by the “supreme Leader” Kim Jong-Un. (1st Paragraph)

Kim II-Sung was responsible of the creation of what we know now as the “Kim Dynasty, from what it’s known he consolidated his power in late 1950’s as the aftermath of the Korean War fully undeveloped. It’s believed that he created a cult to deify himself as the “great Leader”. Following the death of Kim II-Sung his son assumed power in 1994 and as well assumed the title of “Dear Leader” according to Choi, Y. B., “Kim Jong-II “played the game of brinkmanship fiendishly, brandishing his nuclear card while holding the starved population as hostages”(130). Late December 2011Kim John-Un assumed control of a broken North Korea and kept ongoing with his father’s strategy of saber rattling, as reports came in of increasing economic difficulties the effects were not only seen financially but also physically. According to Choi, Y.B animals in the local zoo’s were passing away and elevators in buildings were not running. (Paragraph 2) Abrahamian, A. has stated the following, there is a current economic focus within the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, stating that it will improve the quality of peoples lives due to it being made clear with in the Korean Worker’s Party’s and public pronouncements.

North Korea’s Nuclear Strategy essay

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