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Of Mice And Men Detail Analysis

Updated November 1, 2018

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Of Mice And Men Detail Analysis essay

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.. piece of land. Then, George reminded Lennie of what he was to do the next day and instructed him of what he was to do if in case he got in trouble.

The chapter closed with the two men going to sleep. The second chapter started Friday morning at the bunkhouse. George and Lennie signed up to the buck barley. As The Boss was questioning them, George answered all the questions. He didn’t want Lennie’s dumbness to show and maybe cost them their jobs . Curley arrived and tries to pick a fight with Lennie.

Because of this, George reminded Lennie where to hide if there’s trouble. They met Curley’s wife, Slim and Carlson. The two new ranch hands discovered that Slim’s dog, Lulu had puppies and Lennie wanted one of them. Chapter three opened set on the same day in the bunkhouse. Lennie got the puppy he wanted.

George told Slim of why they traveled and worked together. In between, George made comments about Lennie like “He can’t think of nothing to do himself ” or “He’s as dumb as hell. ” Lennie entered coming from the barn crouched over and George knew that he was hiding the puppy. George instructed him to take the puppy back to its nest. George and Slim continued their conversation and George again made a remark about Lennie, ” Sure he’s jes’ like a kid.

There ain’t no ore harm in him than a kid neither. ” Then, Carlson killed Candy’s old dog with his Luger and Slim went to the barn to treat a horse. While the rest went to see if Slim is with Curley or Curley’s wife, Candy committed 350 dollars to George and Lennie’s 600-dollar dream. When everyone returned, Curley beat on Lennie until George told Lennie to fight back. Lennie crushed Curley’s hand.

Slim ordered Curley to say it was a machine accident. Chapter four focused mainly on “the outcasts” which are Crooks and Candy. It presents many themes yet it didn’t present any relevant childlike qualities or aggressive behavior of Lennie Small. Sunday afternoon, while the rest played horses, Lenny killed his puppy in the barn. Curley’s wife showed up. Lennie explained his fondness for soft things, and she encouraged him to stroke her hair.

When she wanted him to stop, he broke her neck out of fear. Candy found her and brought George. When the men found out, Curley went for his shotgun. Carlson went for his Luger, but it’s missing and he assumed Lennie took it.

Candy stayed with the body and all went after Lennie. The last chapter closed the novel as George found Lennie where he instructed him to go in case trouble arises. While they talked of their dream, George placed the Luger to the base of Lennie’s skull and fires. Everyone assumed George took the gun from Lennie and shot him. CHAPTER 4 INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS The usual method to determine if a person was mentally retarded was by measuring their IQ.

However, psychologists tried to avoid classifying persons as retarded on the basis of IQ alone. One method of determining if the person had the condition mental retardation was by observing their cognitive functioning. The language behaviors of a mental retardate included immature speech with misarticulation. The learning of a retarded person was slower among moderately or mildly retardates. Concerning the memory of a mental retardate, studies by Spitz (1963) and others had shown that the immediate memory span of the retardate was shorter than that of normal people. It was shown that mental retardates’ performance was lower than that of a mental-age-matched group in thinking and reasoning.

The performance of the mentally retarded couldn’t be judged without a consideration of the life history of the retarded individual; because of lifelong experience, he had come to mistrust his own judgement and is engaged in seeking helpful cues and motivation from the environment. Most mentally retarded individuals had behavioral disorders such as disturbed social relationships or aggressive behavior. It was inconclusive to say that Lennie’s language behavior was immature with misarticulation for the reason that all the characters spoke using slang. In addition, learning was not conclusive either because this involves IQ, which the researcher couldn’t measure from Lennie Small. However, the researcher could say that Lennie’s memory span is shorter because of the constant reminders George gave him. For instance, in the first chapter, George reminded Lennie what to do when asked questions by the boss and Lennie even had to concentrate to remember, and the next chapter showed George again reminding Lennie what to do if in case he gets into trouble.

Lennie was poor in thinking and reasoning. George did all the thinking for the two of them. When The Boss questioned them, George answered all of the questions fearing that if Lennie answered, his dumbness will show. George also described Lennie to Slim that “He can’t think of nothing to do himself ” and “He’s as dumb as hell. ” Most of the time, Lennie needed helpful cues from George. Like in the incident wherein the boss questioned him, he went into panic and looked at George for helpful cues.

He also needed motivation from George just to be able to fight back when Curley attacked him. Most of Lennie’s motivation actually came from George. In one account, George said, “Why he’d do any damn thing I tol’ him. ” The behavioral disorder of Lennie was his aggressive behavior.

One obvious incident that displayed this was when he crushed Curley’s hand. Another was when he killed Curley’s Wife. CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSION After analyzing the foregoing facts and information, the researcher of this paper came up with the conclusion that Lennie Small was mentally retarded based on his cognitive functioning. CHAPTER 6 SUMMARY The researcher was able to analyze Lennie’s psychological state.

Also, the researcher gained very important background of the novel and its author that aided in the analyzing of the work. Moreover, the researcher had more understanding on mental retardation and related issues. In the efforts to attain the objectives, the researcher discovered the childlike qualities of Lennie Small and found them present in the first three chapters. The aggressive behavior of Lennie was examined in the 3rd and 5th chapter wherein he caused injuries to others.

Of Mice And Men Detail Analysis essay

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