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On January 8

Updated January 17, 2019

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On January 8 essay

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On January 8, 1918 President Wilson of America put forward his famous 14-point programme for the establishment of League of Nations. President Wilson gave on impetus and encouragement for the establishment of League of Nations.

It would not be wrong to content that much of the credit for the establishment of League of Nations goes to President Wilson. An official British draft known as “Hirst-Millar Draft”. This joint draft was presented before the League of Nations commission of the peace conference. On April 28, 1919 Peace conference accepted the draft which was given the final shape by the covenant of the League of Nations was adopted. The Leagues of Nations was established on January 10, 1920.

3 Structure of League of Nations The League of Nations Covenant 1919 article 2 laid down about executive organs of League of Nations “The action of the league under this covenant shall be effected through the instrumentality of an “Assembly” and of “Council” with a “Permanent Secretariat” 4 Council: The Council was the executive body of the League and entrusted with the responsibility of decision making organ.

On January 8 essay

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