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On the day of may examination

Updated January 17, 2019

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On the day of may examination essay

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On the day of may examination, I had to perfomed intermuscular administration of medication and safely dispose of sharps and provide maxmimum effects of medications.

Intermuscualr injection technique is defined as, in which medication inject into the musclar. Intetmuscualr injection usally given in the uppar arm , thigh and buttock. Most of time intermuscular injection given, when medication need to be qucikly observed . there are limitation of volun of medication in each side of the injection. In deltoid muscule only 1-2 ml medication can be given to the patient(Ostgan g truk).

this route of medication requried for aatention as comapred to other route, esepcially in the buttocks , because the precence of large sciatic nerve and large blood vessels in that area , so proper selection of site is also important part of the nursing skill as a provide sage and accurate care to the patient. The selection of needle is also very important, the needle should be long to insure medication inject into the muscules or in correct site and there is not more than 5 ml given by this route. Assessment of the patient before and agter injection is also major intervention in nursing care to prevent maximum dangerous to the patient. During the procdure time , i was observed by my tutor and one of my peer.

My patient was undergoing to surgery of knee and he had sever pain. The goal of my intervention was to provide comphersive nursing care to the patient and reduce the discomfort level of the patient Feelings-Nurse should practices within theor scope of practice according to the nursing starndard.for example, provide all facilities to the patient that is needed for him or her in other words fulfill the basic needs of the patient, which including maintain privacy, provide comfort. while my procdure i was nervouse and confused. But I maintained the good communications with patient by giving some information about muself and taking concert from the patient that were help to improve my confidence and comfort level in that enviroment.

It was learning environment for me as i learend to manage thinks, communication in clinical setting and perfome activities under pressure. Similarly, the behaviour of the saff is also coperative as they are provide feedback and give some tips to improve practice However, i had low confidence level while communicating with patient, effective communication is very important in health care setting, due to this nurse able to achive her goal in clinical area as well as it is th essential part of practice that represent nurse capbilitiy, education and expeinace. As in this area nuese requried scientic knowldge but intellectual, interpersonal and technical skill as well part of hie or her practice (Lambrini and Loanna). Moreover, with the help of effective communication , nurse can be able to reduce the stress, anxienty and promote health of the patient as well as improve the overall quality of life in both personal and perfossinal life (Kathleen and ventino). Evalution-The incidents was extremely different for me as i am in the new enviroment. As a nurse my goal was to provide comfort and reduce the pain to the patient.

According to the 6 nursing standard , Nurse should provide compresive safe , quality practice to achive agreed goals and outcome that are responsive to the nursing needs of the people. Well, i used my full knowedge while implemeteing procdure on the patient that i was learned from my practice. The patient had limitied number of movement. So i preferred the deltoid muscles of the uppar arm for the injection.

I should need to improvement in such area, that are needed more attention and discussion, more prominatly measure the drug dose, depth of needle and check expairy date with seconed nurse, as it is needful for my safe nursing practice. I will focus on these part in future practice to improve my progessional skill and abilitiy in order to provide better nursing care to the individual, family and community. Analysis- as i was requried to perfome intermuscular injection on the day of my clinical test, as we are the group of two person , when i entered in the lab, i was feeling confident and energitic , our respected teacher distribute the procdure ,firstly checked the medication chart of the patient and after that explain the purpose of administration of medication to patient and took concert from patient as it is the legal requrirmnt of the nursing profession. I started to collect my articles that was requried to administration medication to the patient, that is including one kidney tray, ordered medication, two needles one is drawing to withraw medication from the ampoule and other one to inject medication to patient and one syringe , alcohle swab to clean the area and sharp container to collect the sharps. Futher i started my procdure ,provide comfatable position to the patient and on the other hand i prepared medication , during this session of exam i did not check experiary date with seconed nurse , it will lead to very harmfull condition for thr patient as well as it will putt me in worse condition.

After preparing medication , i went to the patient bed side and again made therpeutic relationship in order to provide comfortable environment to the patient, than i clened the area with alcohle swab to prevent infection at the injection site and let the arm for dryness for few seconed. Make injection site by placing three fingres below the acromine process of the shoulder and hold the injection at the 90 degree and inject the medication slowly and gently and asked the patient to infome regarding any pain and irritation while and after giving injection as well as observed the site for redness and soreness, according to the resarchesrs inserting needle slowelt and fast can cause pain to the patient, so insert needle quckely, up to the hub of the needle to give manimum discomfort to the patient( Ogston g-truck). futhrmore i discared the sharps and replaced the article and again wash the hand to maintain hygeine . unfortunately, time of my procdure is tured off , because of this one and two step of my procdure remained left that was including doucementation of the patient, as it is nessary to maintain the timaly doucmentation of the assessement (1.6 nurse standard) so in future i will maintained effective time managements for my practical learning, after that my peer gave feedback on my perfomce that is really helpfull for me as well as my respected teacher also provide feedback on my practice. Conclusion-Well,this practice was very helpful for me as i know about my weekness and strenghten .

i learend various things from my this clinical practice, for instace selection of correct site for injection. Some time , selection of site depend on the age and physical condition of the patient of the patient, volume of medication and it requried the clinical knoweldge of the nurse and practicer ( ogeston Truck-S 2014). Good knowedge of anatomical positioing of muscles is very impotant by palpating the site of injection, in this method , palpate the acromine process and placed the three fingers benethe the acromine process of the shoulder (Kathleen and Lime rourke). In this session of practice i learned various source of intermuscular injection that will i use in professional while working in clinical area or hospital in accurate manner , i practice on it as a my daily basis research and discussion with health care professional. Action plan-At the end, the overall experince was really good, in future i will improve my skill and knowedge related to this clinical practice as it is very essenital for my professonal .i will provide comphersive safe care, quality practice to achive agreed goals and outcomes that are responsive to the nursing needs of the people and determines, doucements and communicates futuer priorities, goal and outcome with ewlevent persons ( nursing standard 6.1 and 7.3) .

The major mistake i did in my practice, hopefully i will improve these areas and develop my practical skill like cequancey of setps , proper hygene , disposal of sharps , safety of the patient and as well as the surrounding.

On the day of may examination essay

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