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One Life to Live (soap opera)

Updated June 26, 2019
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One Life to Live (soap opera) essay

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One Life to Live is a soap opera broadcasted on the ABC channel on the weekdays.

I started to watch this show when I was a sophomore in high school, and when I used to come home from school, my mom would be watching it. That is how I got addicted to it. The story takes place in a town called Llanview. One Life to Live appeals to many viewers because the show keeps the viewers hanging onto the episodes next scene. The viewers know that if they watch the last scenes of one episode, then, the next day, the story may change or something unexpected might happen. This is how the viewer gets attached to the show.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, one of the last scenes was with Jen with a pregnancy test in her hand. If people watched the show the next day, the pregnancy test was not hers. It was her mothers. Her mother had also taken a pregnancy test the same day and had switched the tests on her.

Then, the scene was cut with a commercial. The story was that her mother was pregnant, not Jen. This catches viewers to watch the show the next day because then, they want to know why her mother would do such a thing. The next day, the show is done the same way with the last scenes. There would be a scene that is cut off so that the viewers have to watch it again just to find out what happens the next day.

Another way that keeps the viewers watching One Life to Live is how they never know who is going to be broadcasted the next day. There are so many characters that it is unlikely for all of them to be on each episode. For example, Todd, Blair, and Star are one family. Todd and Blair are the parents of their ten-year old Star.

One day, the three of them might be broadcasted together in the same episode. The next day, Todd might be on an excursion throughout the show whereas Blair and Star are not even viewed. This is what occurs with almost all the characters. So viewers get attached to see who will be viewed the next day.

One Life to Live also appeals to the viewers because of how the characters all relate to one another and some of the characters do not even know that they are related to someone else somehow. It is a secret. For example, a couple of months ago, Asa Buchanan did not know that Ben Buchanan was his real son. Before Asa found out, Ben used to be his nephew, and his fake son was Max Buchanan. When Asa uncovered the truth, the One Life to Live crew was in shock. This keeps the viewers attached again but they know the truth while the cast of One Life to Live does not.

Another reason why viewers may be hooked onto One Life to Live is because of how the characters vary in age. The youngest is not even a year old and the oldest is about in their mid-fifties. So many different kinds of viewers watch the show because of various ages. Also, some viewers might watch the show because they like certain characters.

I know that if it were not for Mr. Buchanan, Mrs. Buchanan, Jessica, Todd, Nora, and Blair, I would not be watching the show. These people are good actors and actresses.

It helps the people on the show be a great asset if these characters are being viewed that day because everything is revolved around them, especially Mr. Buchanan. One Life to Live is my favorite soap opera and television show. I do not watch much television; so, when I watch my show, I am glued to the television. I am sure there are many other viewers who are also the same as I am. One Life to Live is one good show to watch if people have not watched it.

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One Life to Live (soap opera) essay

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