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Evaluation and Analysis of the Impact of Airport Delays

1Source: accessed 16 Feb 2018. 2Source: accessed 16 Feb 2018. ABSTRACT Over the past years Flight delays have negative effects on passengers, airlines, and airports. Now it is possible to predict that a flight will be delayed based on the statistics of past flights. This paper is focusing on passenger satisfaction unlike most…

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Airasia Is the Second Airliner for the Large National Airline Mas

AirAsia was founded in 1993 by Malaysian government as a second airliner to the major national air company MAS (Malaysian Airlines) and AirAsia started operating after three years on 18th November 1996. During the following 5 years, AirAsia failed every year to bring profit, therefore AirAsia had a great debt of about USD $ 37…

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Organizational Behavior

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An Aircraft Experiences Four Major Forces

Thrust produced by the engine, drag produced by air resistance induced by the design, weight from mass and lift by the force produced by the wing. In straight and level flight, lift is equal to weight and thrust is equal to drag(, 2015) The wings provide the majority of the lift force required to overcome…

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General William Billy Mitchell – Air Force Pioneer

General William Billy Mitchell is one of the most vague heroes of the 20th century. Not many people know what he did for our country. Billy Mitchell is one of the reasons the United States has a superior military power as compared to any other country.Billy Mitchell is the Father of the United States Air…

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An Airplane Propeller Is the Ultimate Sophistication

The aircraft propeller looks like a simple mechanism to the uneducated individual. To the educated, an aircraft propeller represents the highest sophistication in aerodynamics, mechanical engineering and structural design. This report will touch on the history of the propeller, from early pioneers/experiments, advancement during/after the war, all the way up to current applications of the…

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