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Fake Myth

Fake Myth Many centuries ago, before you, before me. Before water existed. There was a god, who roamed the earth in search of something, anything. He roamed the barren landscapes and searched under all rocks. Until one day he found something. It was a hole, a hole that seemed bottomless. So he threw a rock…




Existence of God,




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History Of Anthropology

History Of Anthropology I have learned many new theories I have never known before, there are a great many objectives and thoughts that I had never even knew existed before. Learning about the history of anthropology has opened my mind of thinking in all these different schools of thoughts. One thing that has shocked me…


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Form in Art

The object in question is marked as a Syrian, Bronze Age, stone label seal. Most of the seals I have viewed have much more representational forms on them than this object has. I have not been able to find any books which have pictures of items with this name, which leads me to believe that…





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Orang Asal Indigenous Lands of Malaysia

The Orang Asli Museum in Gombak stated that, the Orang Asli is considered as part of the natives in Malaysia. As of December 2010, their population is approximately 171, 193 and they are divided into 3 main tribes which are Negrito, Senoi and Proto-Malays (Aboriginal Malays). Each tribe is then divided into 6 smaller tribes…


Ethnic Identity,


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