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The Ministry of Supervision That the Religious Community Offers Including Acts of Discipline

If pastoral care is defined as: “The ministry of oversight and nurture offered by a religious community to its members, including acts of discipline, support, comfort, and celebration” (Gerkin, 1997:126); 1.1 Name the four (4) functions of pastoral care. Guiding, Healing, Reconciliation and Sustaining 1.2 In 400 words, describe each of the functions of pastoral…

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Zen Koan as a Means of Attaining Enlightenment

The Zen Koan is a written or verbal puzzle used in the teaching of Buddhism to bring the student to the level of satori or enlightenment. According to D T Suzuki in An Introduction To Zen Buddhism, the word Koan “…now denotes some anecdote of an ancient master, or a dialogue between master and monks,…

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Arguments About Christ’s Sense of Innocence

.. ory: an explicit attestation to [Jesus] sense of sinlessness we do not find until we encounter them, as the fruit of the Logos-theology, in the pronouncements of the Johannine Christ . While I am not personally convinced with Berkouwers interpretation and prefer to base the rejection of this argument for Jesus peccability on the…

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