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Essay on Dark Lives Matter Worldwide System

Four years back, what is currently known as the Dark Lives Matter Worldwide System started to compose. It began as a section based, part driven association whose mission was to fabricate nearby power and to intercede when brutality was caused on Dark people group by the state and vigilantes. In the years since, BlacklivesMatter focused…

Black Lives Matter

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Social Networks as a Way to Fight Social Injustice Essay

In the last 10 years the use of social media has been growing rapidly, Americans use different social media sites as a way of getting news and information. Also, these platforms have been used as a way to prevent social injustice with the ability to reach millions of people from different parts of the world…

Black Lives Matter

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A Movement That Raised Public Awareness of the Devaluation of Blacks Essay

African- American communities have been targeted, segregated, and disenfranchised throughout history so consistently that we are able to compare moments in history like the Tulsa Oklahoma Riots (1921), Rodney King Riots (1992), and the protest in response to the Trayvon Martin case (2012). In 1921 a middle class African American community in Tulsa Oklahoma was…

Black Lives Matter

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Essay on Trial by Media

“It has always been my firm belief that policing is one of America’s most noble professions. The actions of any police officer, in an instant can impact an individual for life. Given this realization every police officer must be centered on the foundational principles of Service, Justice and Fundamental fairness. The nobility of policing demands…

Black Lives Matter

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Comparing The Daily Lives Of African American Women In The 1940s And Today

Black women and Black men are still struggling with how to present their physical image and still be accepted in the society. It is very complex trying to negotiate your self-acceptance through two opposing cultures. Advertising in the 1930s had an impact on how African Americans defined themselves, particularly African American women. It is still…

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