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Oncoplastic Volume Replacement for Breast Cancer

Volume replacement oncoplastic breast techniques become one of the standard lines in strategy of treatment of early breast cancer because of better cosmetic out come and good patient satisfaction. Those techniques provide obvious decrease of the psychological impact on patient and in the same time resection of the tumor with safety margin to decrease the…

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Thousand Acres

Thousand Acres This is a book report about the book A Thousand Acres. Jane Smiley wrote this book, the grade level is 7.7 and it is worth twenty-seven points. This book is about three sisters who are each trying to be given a third of the farm corporation set up by their father. The aging…

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An Investigation on Body Image

As we discussed the psychological effects of the BoPo movement, we are now moving on to consider the physical outcomes, which have tangible evidences and sometimes may lead to  irreversible consequences. The BoPo movement offers a different standpoint about the concept of beauty, approaching new criteria of self-esteem and self-acceptance (The Body Positive, n. d….

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